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  1. palace are in much better form so villa will prob get a result and the happy clappy lot will be out in force shouting told you so. can't say I hope yers win because we have to play palace and I want them safe before we go there. May the best team win is about the best you will get out of me.
  2. OptaJoe ‏@OptaJoe 37m 4 - If Aston Villa fail to score on Sunday they will equal their longest run of matches without a goal in Premier League history. Drought. they looked very strong against spurs, going for a 0-0
  3. http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb/matchday/form-guide.html
  4. I think you will stay up, 4 points is huge when everyone stinks of sh*t
  5. summer. Now could bring additional problems as you still have a cushion of 4 points with little time for the new fella to adapt. reading that dressing room thread then lerner might have to make a decision earlier
  6. this has to happen, you can't keep an under performing manager
  7. had it on in the background, looked a lively game from the snippets I seen. always cruel getting a late goal.
  8. 4 points better off than last year! 5 wins and 2 draws from this point on last year thats a ppg of 1.41, repeat that form for a total of 45 this campaign
  9. when you have played well it's been to a high standard
  10. i was only messing with calling it delusional, can understand you wanting to be positive, it's like swimming in a sea of negativity at times on here I agree villa is a tough job. I think paul lamberts football is on the whole extremely poor and imo hinders progression and even if a more expansive approach by another manager wouldn't guarantee better results at least you would see better football every week. also the argument expressed by some that nobody could do a better job smacks of being a lambert apologist. I try and understand why people have this view and think that maybe it's forme
  11. looking back the post was a jumping of the gun fueled by a derby win and a quality 45 minutes at Anfield made all the worse because it has been shown up as a false dawn. wouldn't call it embarrassing. delusional is a better description
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