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  1. Stu, Whatever the cause of the login problem, it is still occurring. It has nothing to do with my browser either, it happens in both Firefox and Google Chrome. My bookmark login URL for the AVF Forum has never been affected by my Anti-Virus, which I have had for over 2 years now. As I have repeatedly mentioned in posts and by PM to you, my bookmark URL is identical to the AVF Forum URL, but instead of AVF opening showing me logged in, it keeps redirecting me to the login screen. This is internal to AVF and has nothing to do with external influences. I do not have this login problem with
  2. EPL (Premier League), Sunday 18/10/2020 : Leicester City v Aston Villa, KO 19:15 hours, SKY. Prediction (in Prediction League), made today : Leicester City 2-3 Aston Villa
  3. SPL (SPFL1), Saturday 17/10/2020 : Celtic 0-2 Rangers Connor Goldson's brace (both goals well taken) has given Rangers a 4 point lead at the top of the table, with the Opposition not even having a shot on target today. Per Sportsound it was a one-sided match (much to their chagrin !) and per Ally McCoist (from the SSN Live Commentary) : "Only one team has showed their passion today and their determination and courage. Rangers have been immense at times. Frankly, they have dominated and thoroughly deserved their victory." SPL matches, 17/10/2020 : Saturday 17th October Celtic 0-2 Rangers
  4. 15/10/2020 : Another Wartime analogy is the Cost of combatting Covid-19 ... In the War we did not say (around 1941) 'Oh, we have run out of money ... please Mr Hitler, can we call it quits?' ! No, we carried on using borrowing ... to be repaid in the future ... the need was immediate. Likewise now, the Furlough Scheme was designed to enable people and businesses to keep ticking over during lockdown periods, so they would be able to restart when circumstances permitted. To degrade the Furlough Scheme through fear of future repayment costs is to undermine the very purpose of the F
  5. That is useful information, Rog. I was wondering if this login rigmarole was just affecting me, or was the same for all of us. It is over to Stu now, to get AVF back to working how it did before the hack.
  6. Stu, Update on formatting. Apparently there is a Site parameter called 'basic tag codes' that enables or disables formatting in posts. Can you set it to Enabled as doing that should resolve the formatting problems I have encountered and reported. P.S. Can you also set the Site language to British English ... English UK ... currently it is set to English US ... which is probably why the dates are mis-formatted !
  7. These problems have arisen post-hack, Rog. Prior to the hack AVF would always open showing me logged in, as I never log out of AVF. Since the hack when I open AVF it shows me logged out, even though I left AVF logged in. This does not happen on other Sites where I remain logged in, they always open showing me logged in.
  8. 15/10/2020 : The main concern regarding Covid-19 is the impact on the NHS caused by the rise in hospital admissions. It is the need to minimise hospital admissions that drives these social distancing and lockdown policies. Whether these policies are effective or logical in their scope is what the ongoing debates are all about. I posted the following on FB, sharing it here. 26/09/2020 : I replied to an EMail from my sister today and share here part of what I wrote : Regarding Covid-19 and the lockdown, I treat it as being the War that it is and the (required to wear outdoors) facemask
  9. Apparently Scotland have had two shots on target in their last 3 games and both have gone in to win two of those three games. Wednesday 14th October, UEFA Nations League : Scotland 1-0 Czech Republic
  10. Updated OP. Maguire sent off, Mings brought on, JG stayed on the bench ... again, FFS. Wednesday 14th October, UEFA Nations League : England 0-1 Denmark
  11. 14/10/2020 : As widely expected the notorious 'Project Big Picture' scheme has been rejected by the EPL at their meeting today. AVFC CEO Christian Purslow said this morning that there should be transparency in these matters ... rather than the surreptitious dealings that led to the PBP scheme. Link : https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11661/12103872/premier-league-clubs-reject-project-big-picture-proposal-but-agree-bailout-for-league-one-and-two-clubs
  12. Ah ! ... je comprehend ! No 'hurt' there Christophe, I did not know that the £ sign is called 'livre' in France. Learn something new every day ! P.S. By 'sarcasm' I thought you were referring to the cost of the service compared to the product provided.
  13. Christophe, I have not seen 'Livre' mentioned since reading History books ! I know it was the currency of the ancien regime ... then there were francs ... followed by the euro ... By referring to the 'livre', am I witnessing sarcasm francais here ?!
  14. 14/10/2020 : TV move update, our game against Leeds United has been moved for BT Sport. I am not sure if it is pay-per-view. We currently have three games that have been moved for TV. Sun 18/10/2020 : Leicester City 19:15 Aston Villa - SKY Fri 23/10/2020 : Aston Villa 20:00 Leeds United - BTS Box Office - PPV ? Sun 01/11/2020 : Aston Villa 12:00 Southampton - SKY
  15. 13/10/2020 : I was not impressed by the Club Statement issued by Rangers yesterday and have told them. Rangers Football Club @RangersFC · 15h CLUB STATEMENT: #RangersFC are unsurprised at the outcome of todays hearing but remain bemused that the charge was brought against our manager Steven Gerrard in the first place. We now look forward to focussing on more important matters on the field of play. Larry-AV @Laurenc32934461 Replying to @RangersFC Fans of Rangers will know the background to this Hearing, but others may not. The Statement is cryptic and fails to deliver clear communicat
  16. EPL (Premier League), Sunday 18/10/2020 : Leicester City v Aston Villa, KO 19:15 hours, SKY. 13/10/2020 : I will wait until after the International Break before making a prediction. I just hope that none of our players get crocked (or get Covid-19 !) whilst they are away !
  17. 12/10/2020 : Regarding Jack Grealish and England, the article in the 1st link below reminded me of the earlier article I posted a link to on 08/09/2020 about Ollie Watkins before he signed for AVFC, 'psychological repositioning', reposted in the 2nd link below. Play off the ball seems to be the key. Link 1 : https://www.skysports.com/football/news/12016/12101756/mason-mount-justifies-inclusion-over-jack-grealish-as-england-beat-belgium Link 2 : https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11688/12038340/ollie-watkins-psychological-repositioning-under-paul-tisdale
  18. Sunday 11th October, UEFA Nations League : Scotland 1-0 Slovakia
  19. Updated OP, no surprises, JG, MOTM against Wales, stayed on the bench ... ... he was probably lucky to get that close to a game, under this Manager ! Sunday 11th October, UEFA Nations League : England 2-1 Belgium
  20. 11/10/2020 : The Greed League, specifically the moneymen at Man United and Liverpool, are continuing their avaricious policies, see link below. I have commented on their scheme in the Telegraph and I share my comment here. One Person, One Vote - our basic democratic right. Now imagine if any Party proposed a return to old voting qualifications, e.g., being a householder, before you could vote. I doubt if such a Party would win many seats ! Yet here we have such a proposal for the EPL. It is totally out of order and deserves to be binned, along with the rest of this scheme, which is
  21. That is the date for the match set by UEFA, Dimitri. We will know in good time if it is changed.
  22. 10/10/2020 : The link below compares footballing abilities, Jack Grealish to Paul Gascoigne ... and it covers JG's uphill struggle to get recognition at International level, i.e., with Gareth Southgate for England, too. Will Jack Grealish, MOTM against Wales, start against Belgium tomorrow? From AVF, while all the transfer speculation was ongoing, this post on August 31st by 'Dorset Lion' nailed it. Though I'm hopeful that the best bit of transfer business for us was just done at the weekend with United signing Van De Beek, hopefully that's an end to their interest in Jack, though sitting o
  23. 09/10/2020 : With the ban on fans ongoing, EPL Clubs will use live PPV for their games, except for those chosen for TV. There are two AVFC games on SKY, none on BT Sport. Sun 18/10/2020 : Leicester City 19:15 Aston Villa Sun 01/11/2020 : Aston Villa 12:00 Southampton
  24. 08/10/2020 : European Championship Qualifying, date for the diary. Thursday 12th November : Serbia v Scotland Northern Ireland v Slovakia
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