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  1. I have this game as Aston Villa 2-2 Man United in the Prediction League. For both teams I think it will be : 'What team will turn up on the day ?'
  2. There is still a full day to go for Vlaar and Luna, the game at Fulham being on Sunday, 08/12/2013 : AVFC - Fulham v Villa injury news: Vlaar/Luna doubtful for away trip
  3. I have only seen the SSN highlights, therefore my comments are on the goals. Theirs : 1st goal - well taken. 2nd goal - a Christmas gift !!! Ours : 1st goal - quick to pounce. 2nd goal - Kabooom !!! For the record, WBA 2-2 AVFC, with Aston Villa 12th in the EPL on 25/11/2013.
  4. Nothing on the AVFC website - or the SSN website.
  5. For the record (if anyone is interested), International results, Friday, 15/11/2013 : England 0-2 Chile Scotland 0-0 USA Turkey 1-0 Northern Ireland Ireland (ROI) 3-0 Latvia Playing today, Saturday, 16/11/2013 : EDIT - Add result : Wales 1-1 Finland Next matches, Tuesday, 19/11/2013 : EDIT - Add results : Norway 0-1 Scotland Poland 0-0 Ireland England 0-1 Germany
  6. From the website, this could go in the 'Injury' Thread, but here will do, being more relevant. AVFC - Manager on Monday: Lambert hopeful of Delph return for derby Gabby's problem is his ankle injury.
  7. I have it as : West Brom 0-2 Aston Villa in the Prediction League. The results today {10/11/2013} sees AVFC slip to 11th in the EPL. EPL Table, teams from 8th to 18th as at 10/11/2013 & Next Matches, 23-24-25/11/2013 : 08 Man City.... 11 16 19 : H Tottenham (24th) 09 Newcastle... 11 -1 17 : H Norwich 10 W B Albion.. 11 +0 14 : H Aston Villa (25th) 11 Aston Villa. 11 -1 14 : A W B Albion (25th) - KO 20:00 hours 12 Hull City... 11 -5 14 : H C Palace 13 Swansea City 11 +0 12 : A Fulham 14
  8. Update from the website : AVFC - Villa v Cardiff injury news: Strike duo remain doubtful for clash {07/11/2013}
  9. So in summary, there was nothing in the game worthy of note, but it met the mantra : 'If you cannot win, do not lose' ... and earned a point.
  10. Gabby epitomises Paul Lambert's stock answer : 'I can't fault them for effort'. No matter what, Gabby does and will continue to give his all for Aston Villa.
  11. Aston Villa stay 13th in the EPL after the games this weekend, so next stop, West Ham. A match on Saturday with a 15:00 hours KO. EPL Table, teams from 8th to 18th as at 27/10/2013 & Next Matches, 02-03/11/2013 : 08 Man United. 9 +2 14 : A Fulham 09 Swansea C.. 9 +1 11 : A Cardiff (3rd) 10 Hull City.. 9 -3 11 : H Sunderland 11 Newcastle.. 9 -4 11 : H Chelsea 12 W B Albion. 9 -2 10 : H C Palace 13 Aston Villa 9 -3 10 : A West Ham 14 Fulham..... 9 -3 10 : H Man United 15
  12. Below is my response to a comment about England on the New-606 'Scotland v Croatia' Thread : If Poland win or draw and Ukraine win (against San Marino, that looks a banker) tomorrow, then 'clown' will apply to every England player involved in the match v Poland. Nice to see a Scotsman take an interest in England though.
  13. It was not, after all, the dull drab affair we were expecting. For the record : England 4-1 Montenegro {11/10/2013} - but the job is not yet finished. October 2013 World Cup Qualifying European - Group H England v Poland Tue 15 Oct 20:00
  14. So much for 'six weeks out' : Skysports - Bekgium and Aston Villa striker Christian Benteke set to face Wales - 'Bekgium' ??? "I won't be happy if he plays for Belgium and comes back to me injured." - Paul Lambert - add all Villa Fans to that !!! World Cup Qualifying matches : Friday 11th October 2013 Group A Croatia V Belgium 17:00 Wales V Macedonia 19:45 Group H England V Montenegro 20:00 Tuesday 15th October 2013 Group A Belgium V Wales 19:45 Scotland V Croatia 19:45 Group H England V Poland 20:00
  15. A very good game and as I hoped, open and end to end, with plenty of goals. It should be an annual event, Home and Away alternately, being the only 'friendly' worth watching.
  16. Brussels sprouts and frogs legs - think I'll pass on that !
  17. Correct. 'Jerusalem' was what I was thinking, although 'There'll Always Be An England' could fit the bill too.
  18. GSTQ is very apt for State occasions, but England should have some other anthem for sporting events. Suggestions ?
  19. Born and raised in England, I have English, Welsh and Scottish roots. I will be backing England tonight, but if Scotland win, I won't begrudge them their victory. Let us have a good, open, end to end game, with plenty of goals.
  20. It was reported earlier (I posted it on here, cannot remember where though *) : 20,000 allocation for Scotland Fans. The article also said that they would have to get their tickets from the SFA. * P.S. Probably in the old SPL Thread.
  21. Thread title : The Auld Enemy England V Scotland 14/6/13 ... I missed the match, so what was the score ?
  22. What England game ? At Sheffield Wednesday ?
  23. It was reduced to 20 overs per side and started at 16:30 hours !!! England blew it, losing by 5 runs.
  24. Been on here, New-606, NOT606, Rangersmedia, Facebooke, all the time with the radio commentary from the cricket as background. England target is 130, just reached 102/4, come on England !
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