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  1. I think it is being done on a player by player basis, Dorset. Some players out of contract are released, others retained (new or extended contract), depending on how well they fit into the requirements of Squad balance and/or Club finances.
  2. 05/06/2020 : We now have some re-arranged fixtures for Season 2019-2020. June 2020 Gm37 Wk29 : Wednesday 17th June : Aston Villa 18:00 Sheffield United SKY Gm38 Wk30 : Sunday 21st June : Aston Villa 16:15 Chelsea SKY Gm39 Wk31 : Wednesday 24th June : Newcastle United 18:00 Aston Villa BT Sport Gm40 Wk32 : Saturday 27th June : Aston Villa 12:30 Wolverhampton Wanderers BT Sp. Other fixtures to be re-arranged : Gm41 Wk33 : Liverpool v Aston Villa Gm42 Wk34 : Aston Villa v Manchester United Gm43 Wk35 : Aston Villa v Crystal Palace Gm44 Wk36 : Everton v Aston Villa G
  3. 04/06/2020 : I certainly hope AVFC stay up, it initially depends on the re-arranged game against the Blades. If the games resume as planned, from June 17th onwards, then it is imperative that AVFC win that game. We have 25 points and the teams above us have 27 points, so only a win will get us out of the bottom three with 28 points. If that happens then we will be in no danger of relegation should the Season be halted after 29 games played. These are our remaining EPL fixtures, showing their original dates : Sat 29/02/2020 : Aston Villa v Sheffield United (Sat 29/02/2020) Sat 14
  4. Larry-AV


    The Government has today (30/05/2020) given the go-ahead for professional sport to resume on Monday (1st June). This includes the EPL under the current lockdown conditions of empty (of fans) stadia, with the 'fans ban' applying to all spectator sports. Full details of the conditions affecting sport will be issued by the Government on Monday.
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    In the context of this restart it is not a farce. That is because the EPL wants to clear the two games in hand, Rog. Our game v Sheff Utd and Man City v Arsenal were both postponed due to the League Cup Final. Playing these games first will mean all the EPL teams will have played 29 games. Whether this restart actually happens remains to be seen. The virus has not gone away and it will not disappear just to please the money men of the EPL.
  6. 08/05/2020 : 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day. "This is your Victory. In all our long History, there has never been a greater Day than this." - Winston Churchill, 08/05/1945 We held the line for Liberty With grim determination throughout ... ... and could still retain our sense of humour, even in the darkest of times.
  7. 06/05/2020 : Jim White will be interviewing SG on Talksport today after 11:00 hours. I was informed of this by a re-tweet from Rangers today. In reply I posted my Coronavirus 17/03/2020 opinion, prefixed with : 06/05/2020 : I make no apology for reposting my original opinion (below). It puts health first, followed by sporting fairness. The money men must go to the back of the queue! As I have already sent it to Rangers (on 30th April via their Contact Us facility), I wonder if it will be mentioned ?!
  8. 04/05/2020 : For me the governing factors are bread and milk ... when they run out, I go out to restock. At home I am very much away, thanks to YouTube, specifically Cab Rides. When at school in London I would often get a Rover ticket and ride the (Underground) lines, but obviously always as a passenger. With these Cab Rides I get the view I always really wanted, the driver's eye view. I have not restricted this to London either. Today I have gone from Westbury via Bristol to Newport and Hereford. This is courtesy of Hastings Diesels Ltd, who use ex Southern Railways Diesel-Electric
  9. I have done my bit, commenting on the Telegraph website and EMailing AVFC with my comment, which includes the posts I first made here on AVF. Hello, Following the reports today of restarting the EPL behind closed doors, I share with you at AVFC what I posted on the Telegraph website in response to that article. DT 30/04/2020 : Exclusive: Premier League aims for June 8 restart with clubs to train from mid-May A proposed timetable has been circulated among clubs, working on the basis that lockdown measures will be eased By Sam Wallace, Chief Football Writer 30 April 2020 • 10:
  10. Only the spammer that I have zapped today (28/04/2020) ! Keep safe and well, Dimitri.
  11. 03/04/2020 : With Covid-19 we are confronted by a disease with no cure, analogous to the plagues of history. In view of that I stand by what I posted on AVF earlier and then on FB and elsewhere (including Stu's original question) and repeat it below for the benefit of anyone who may have missed it. 17/03/2020 : On AVillaFan today the Site Owner Stuart Young posted this question : COVID-19 With football currently on hold (and rightly so) what do you think the FA should do with the remainder of the season? My Reply : 17/03/2020 : This coronavirus lockdown will probably c
  12. 02/04/2020 : For the record. Yesterday UEFA suspended all Europa League and 'Champions' League matches until further notice. Home teams Euro games affected are : Europa League : - Round of 16 2nd leg, Home teams only. Thursday 19th March - postponed until further notice. Bayer Leverkusen 17:55 Rangers (3-1) Manchester United 20:00 Linz ASK (5-0) Wolverhampton Wanderers 17:55 Olympiakos (1-1) UEFA 'Champions' League : - Round of 16 2nd leg, Home teams only. Tuesday 17th March : Manchester City 20:00 Real Madrid (2-1) Wednesday 18th March : Bayern Munich 2
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    I do not usually post on everyday matters but I make this exception. 20/03/2020 : The Vernal Equinox (a day earlier than usual). I had run out of bread and milk today and went to ASDA after lunchtime to replenish the rations. Many empty shelves but I was able to get my bread and milk, albeit Celtic milk instead of Aberdeen milk ... changing tastes has seen me go from Rangers to Celtic and recently to Aberdeen, but there was none of the latter available today, so I had to make do with semi-skimmed. On the veg front there was no broccoli or green beans and the only spuds available were
  14. Larry-AV


    17/03/2020 : This coronavirus lockdown will probably continue beyond the scheduled end of the 2019-2020 Season. It will probably impact the 2020-2021 Season too. The lockdown should logically continue until a vaccine is created and (like the flu jab) has been administered nationwide (and world wide). If we assume a vaccine has become available and administered by the end of this calendar year (2020), then to me the logic for football would be to scrap the 2020-2021 Season and play out the remainder of this Season, 2019-2020, from early 2021 instead. This to cover all domestic League and C
  15. That is a bonus and could be our salvation from this wreck of a Season !
  16. 13/03/2020 : Have this here too, relevant !
  17. 13/03/2020 (Friday) : It has just been announced that all EPL and EFL games are postponed with immediate effect until April, including Aston Villa v Chelsea.
  18. 13/03/2020 (Friday) : It has just been announced that all SPFL games are postponed with immediate effect, including Rangers v Celtic.
  19. SPL (SPFL1), Sunday 15/03/2020 : Rangers v Celtic, KO 12:00 hours, SKY. 12/03/2020 : The Big Match is scheduled to go ahead on Sunday, which is the Ides of March ... appropriately ! SPL matches, 13-14-15/03/2020 : Friday 13th March : Motherwell 19:45 Aberdeen Saturday 14th March Hibernian 15:00 St Johnstone Kilmarnock 15:00 St Mirren Ross County 15:00 Hamilton Academical Sunday 15th March Rangers 12:00 Celtic - SKY Livingston 15:00 Heart of Midlothian
  20. Europa League Round of 16, 1st leg, Thursday 12/03/2020 : Rangers 1-3 Bayer Leverkusen Rangers were too tentative against a much better side. There was rarely enough pressure from our team and this enabled our opponents to stroll through most of this game tonight.
  21. EPL (Premier League), Saturday 14/03/2020 : Aston Villa v Chelsea, KO 17:30 hours, SKY. 11/03/2020 : Due to the postponement of the Sheffield United match, this is EPL game 29, not 30.
  22. Europa League Round of 16, 1st leg, Thursday 12/03/2020 : Rangers v Bayer Leverkusen, KO 20:00 hours, BT Sport. 10/03/2020 : Here's hoping Rangers find and apply Europa form on Thursday !
  23. 10/03/2020 : Euro matches (BT Sport), Home teams only. I will update all the scores in this post. Europa League : - Round of 16 1st leg, Home teams only. Thursday 12th March Linz ASK 0-5 Manchester United Olympiakos 1-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers Rangers 1-3 Bayer Leverkusen
  24. EPL (Premier League), Monday 09/03/2020 : Leicester City 4-0 Aston Villa I listened to this debacle on Radio 5 ... out of sight, but not out of mind, unfortunately. Attendance : 35,125 (BBC) After this result AVFC's total Form Points fell from 35 to 34 ... that is, points after 38 games. The maximum available is now 55 points, with 30 points left to play for. AVFC are below par and 19th in the table, with 25 points and GD at -22 from 28 games.
  25. SPL (SPFL1), Sunday 08/03/2020 : Ross County 0-1 Rangers A disjointed performance going by Sportsound, but a win nevertheless. Job done. Attendance : 6,400 (inc 2,203 away) (RFC) SPL matches, 07-08 & 11/03/2020 : Saturday 7th March Aberdeen 3-1 Hibernian Celtic 5-0 St Mirren Hamilton Academical 1-0 Kilmarnock Heart of Midlothian 1-1 Motherwell St Johnstone 1-0 Livingston Sunday 8th March Ross County 0-1 Rangers Wednesday 11th March St Mirren 1-0 Heart of Midlothian
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