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  1. To all my English brethren,its Friday the sun is shinning you cant go wrong Have a good day UTV.🙂
  2. Ahh cheers,so basically the top5 richest Utd,liverpool,city,chelsea,arsenal,...imho i still think aston villa,ajax,benfica,celtic,marseille are historicaly bigger clubs than the likes of man city,but there super rich & are part of the elite!! Where does that leave the french league surely they would want to put in PSG?(Another super rich club)
  3. Am i right in saying its the top4-6 big/rich clubs from the top4 leagues,and the top2 from the smaller(ish) leagues from the likes of Belgium,Holland,Scotland etc?
  4. Agreed,i hate what modern football has become.
  5. Defo with ye with putting the past behind and moving foward. The rivalary up here is toxic nothing like Utd v City or LFC v Everton,infact its suffocating at times as there is no escaping it even in everyday life,work etc because supporting one of the big two in Glesga defines who you are,people even know what team you support going by your name or what school you went too,sometimes i think it would be an easier life supporting a wee lower league club like Ayr utd or Partick thistle,although il say one thing the atmosphere both Celtic and also Rangers can create can be electric.
  6. Trust me when i say this,Im disgusted what the IRA done to innocent civilians in the streets killing men,women,kids i hope they are brought to justice...Im equally disgusted with what the Brits,RUC & UDA did in Ireland too,but i dont think loyalists regret their actions for some reason,just look at the 30odd year wait for an apology for Bloody Sunday & no one brought to justice,thank God for the good Friday agreement,i personally think Irish republicans nationlists have moved on & willing to live in peace with the exception of C company-IRA,who i dont like one bit(Them that caused
  7. Cheers b6,...agree wi the politics part showing how backwards the loyalist side are in the north of Eire doesnt show them in good light,id like to see more of these (english)al jazeera documentries think theres a few different ones from clubs across the world,hopefully they make a Villa one,maybe on derby day and showing the fans on match day boozers pity addies is closed😢
  8. RFC founded 1872/73...became a LTD co in 1899,both club & company both the same entity that became in liquidation in 2012.
  9. There is ten games left i believe,ye reckon this is possible if results go Villa's way,or too much of a big ask? Or will everyone just be content with a top10 finish? Villa in Europe rubbing shoulders against some of the big names would be nice🙂
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