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  1. Too many British people think from a British law point of view. Why wouldn't we? It is all we know. There is a difference though. For one, in South America they can defend property with lethal force. So, if he did really feel like there was an intruder he had every right to fire his weapon. He will live with that mistake for the rest of his life. No amount of time inside will make him forgive himself. If he knew who it was in there then there is no reasoning anyway. It is his word against a jury that was not present throughout the event. Only he is alive who knows what happened and whether he
  2. The FIFA World Rankings still a joke then?! Happy for Wales though; would love all the home nations to qualify.
  3. I agree with Sofa... I'm sick of the 'overpayed primadonas that don't give a sh*t about their country' sh*t that gets thrown about all too often by people who claim to be football fans that actually turn up when things are going well. Difference is we are Villa fans; we know disappointment. I'd never give up on Villa because they're sh*t. So why do people give up on their country because of the same reason? England winning the World Cup comes before everything else for me. Doubt I'll see Villa win another cup, never mind England winning a major tournament.
  4. Jaha booing 'our' national anthem. You had the choice boys, now embrace it ;)
  5. Villa have had poor attendances this season but still have seen more fans at Villa Park this season than the population of San Marino (approx 31k).
  6. Happy to say that Delph had a much more composed second half. It's almost as if he needs a booking just to calm himself down. Has others have mentioned, Henderson was also my man of the match. Closely followed by Welbeck, who despite his two goals, looked the most dangerous going forward with his pace and strength.
  7. Delph should be off. Looks out of his depth so far.
  8. A player that had a fantastic season last year and earned his place in the side.
  9. Fickle fans... gets us to a cup final and they want him out! What more do you scum want?!
  10. Haha we have a winner. Then only England to torture us before it all starts again.
  11. I used to hate the positive posts after another appalling performance, as I felt they were wrong and slightly patronising. Now, however, I want to see them. They keep me going. So if anyone has anything then please "let's be having you".
  12. If he has said this then I actually feel sorry for him.
  13. Can't argue with that. Now we have Hull, Man city and Spurs... No longer in our hands as I can't see us winning again. Another negative, Blues drop into the relegation zone so we may not even have the derby next season.
  14. First time? f*ck me, you're very optimistic.
  15. Is there any point watching another Villa game? That's how I feel at the moment, I can't see us winning again. All we can do is hope others slip up.
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