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  1. he'd improve the options we have, won't cost a lot of money, sign him up
  2. ya but you are soft mike!!. gabby doesn't feel pain like you...
  3. overall i'm still fairly posotive after last nights game. we played well at times. I don't think you can overemphasize the importance of Benteke scoring, and where it could lead him to for the rest of the season. I don't agree with all of the negativity around signing Holt. He is backup. If Benteke goes on a roll and stays fit, he will purely be a backup player. 2 seasons ago he scored a balls load of goals for norwich in the Prem. the next year he still scored 8 goals in the Prem. He is someone to spring from the bench, and he is on loan, so didn't cost us a fortune. If he chips in with 4 or
  4. 6 months is normal timeframe and safe for return to play. i would expect professional athletes to be back at that point but this is only a guideline. obviously 'match fitness' will take longer. He shouldn't be at risk if declared 'fit' to return at 6 months by the medical staff. You specifically do functional testing to see if/when a player is ready for return to sport regardless of timeframe. and any player will not be allowed back until they pass this functional testing-this will depend on the individual and could be 6 months for some more for others. As with any surgery a certain small perc
  5. Terrible first half. Baker, Bacuna, and Clarke looked dodgy. Could easily have been 4 or 5 down by half time. The triple substitution made it a completely different game. We were a different team after that. Just hope we keep those boys fit. It's amazing just how improved Delph is. Ron Vlaar made a great point after the game saying the difference compared to last season. We go 2-0 down tonight and fight back really well. Last season we concede early on and the heads just drop. Progress
  6. dunno if it's been posted on here before, but here is link to injury table of prem teams http://www.physioroom.com/news/english_premier_league/epl_injury_table.php
  7. we gotta be odds on at the moment. a lot of very average players, who just simply dont have the skill or the talent for the premier league. we look clueless at the back, no creativity in midfield, and completely reliant on Benteke for goals. We need at least 3-4 experienced signings in january to give us a chance. one depressing f**cking christmas. watching the villa these days is about as much fun as drowning
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