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  1. lets see... please note, these are off the top of my head as i think back, so please dont hate if i forget a significant name that i probably should of put in. GK - Given LB - N. Taylor CB - Vlaar CB - Clark RB - Hutton LW - Ash Young CM - Delph CM - Petrov RW - Grealish ST - Gabby ST - Benteke wonder how this will compare to others, really struggled to get an 11 together in all fairness, thought of Milner instead of Delph but he left in 2010 so didnt feel he counted, similarly with the likes of McGinn only having a sea
  2. Tweet from Rice after the game "Thank you. Got to say, stadium atmosphere was brilliant. Great set of fans. Passionate 👍" Game wasnt the best, my prediction of a goal fest was on point 😄 i'll go back to my corner... Dont see why we left it so late to put the pressure on, waited til injury time before we really started to turn the screw, even 10 minutes before might of given them a problem. Still, a point is welcomed, kept Anderson and Co quiet, dont remember Heaton being troubled.
  3. I look at our fixture list, especially in and around November and this game looks a must win, I worry about Snodgrass, he'll get a good reception but lets not make him feel too good about himself eh? 😂 seen some on the facebook groups asking if we should sing his song id take a scrappy 1-0, have a feeling we might see a few goals? havent seen much of west ham to predict how they'll approach it... but seeing there recent games, hammered by Man City, beat Norwich who beat City, I gave up guessing results years ago
  4. Ok so i didnt see this topic until today so i'll put my thoughts across on the subject... As some might remember I used to be part of the furniture on this forum, first as a member getting the word around, then as a mod and eventually admin before i decided to stop which was for many different reasons..., In the very early days there were literally only a handful of active members, the forum was new, villa were on the rise and it made it easy to bring the numbers in, for the most part it was myself, The Aston Villian and a few other semi regular posters along with Stu
  5. Newcastle above villa? All credibility lost... Edit* Uefa Europa league winners for Villa? come on Guessing this list is live? Man Utd 1st now
  6. admittedly its a been a couple of seasons since i last drove to VP, i found the bottom of cuckoo rd was a good place, just over the bridge opposite power league, little walk passed the king edward and the back of the addies (both now gone) not usually a problem driving in and out my way home - passing star city onto the spine rd towards the fort retail park.
  7. Robbed of a point but it wasnt a great performance, Had Heaton to thank that it was only 1-0 at that point with a couple of good saves, i dont think we offered much threat. Had to be Ayew tho, said it before the game.
  8. When you've got players like Kevin De Bruyne saying they dont understand it we have no chance. Seems to favour the defending team in most situations? as seen so far this season its more lenient for defenders, Surely it should be consistent for both sides
  9. I like that idea... sky+ it and watch it depending on the result, option of skipping the dull moments too. :thumbup:
  10. Delph is on the bench for tonight... will probably get a few minutes well after the game is disjointed, i hate these games... it will tell us nothing about how the team will move forward, 2nd half will be a joke as each team makes changes left right and centre, It will be boring, pointless, probably end up 0-0 and everyone will say how much we missed Steven Gerrard. I wont be watching it, My only wish from this game and the next actually is that Fab returns to Birmingham not sporting any kind of injury.
  11. Swansea V Aston Villa Saturday 26th April 2014 - KO 3pm Match chat and predictions.
  12. always get a couple of idiots, i would doubt the whole weekend went in complete silence, not excusing that as the guys that started shouting, and those that decided to shout for them to shut up spoilt what should of been the whole football community coming together to show support and respect as one. did you manage to stay awake to take in the game? lol since you spent the majority of the day sleeping..! :
  13. Poor display from the majority yesterday, tactics wrong, subs at the wrong time, 82nd minute and 5 after there goal was far too late imo. Holt done another 90 mins? i dont think thats ideal but to be fair to him he wasnt to worst performer, never really seen gabby take on anyone which was disappointing, but was rarely in the position to, some of the lads just looked lost, the shape was... well i dont know what it was, gabby was at LB at some stages as someone else said earlier, far too many times there was only holt or even nobody in their half, we set up to score none, we could still be p
  14. £2.40 from Birmingham Int - New Street...
  15. I actually think this is an intelligent move by lambert, and shows he might be learning. Hoolahan is a 'decent' player, he has a wealth of experience and already understands lamberts methods, we have lost a lot of senior influence from the squad without replacing them so IMO for the money and what he can bring to the team both on and off the pitch I would welcome him.
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