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  1. I was shocked when I saw that. First start under MON as Ireland manager, he played ok but you can't really tell much from a match that bad, should have had a goal too
  2. Clark won't play for Ireland, MON and Keane seem to really dislike him.
  3. The club lost sh*t loads in wages,what was it 45k on heskey, 40k on beye to name but 2. you have to include all costs not just the ones you want. The club lost something like 60 million in AMs season and 35 million last season. That gives a net investment of close to 100 million in 2 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Who we are as a club and how much money is being spent doesn't really matter! Are you angry now? So many people on here are ranting on about how big a club we are and how we should be spending more etc etc etc. Why? Lets be realistic for a change, Villa have won f*ck all for years! A couple of league cups in my lifetime. We're not a big club and haven't been since Deadly Doug took the club back in the early eighties. Those are the sad and sorry facts. I don't support Villa cos it's a big club, If that's what i wanted I'd support manure, chelski or citeh like so many band wagon jumpers
  5. Hi Wince, much as i agree with most of wht you say i don't think we're over reliant on Benteke. He's just had a really good season. If you look at our scoring stats for this season we have Benteke on 23, and Gabby and Weimann on 12 each, last season our top scorer was Bent with10 goals followed by gabby on 6 and stan on 4. Hell bent has even managed 5 goals this season and he's hardly played. The way the team is set up up now is to score more goals but from fewer players, so far 12 scorers this season against 17 last season. but thats given us 65 goals while we only got 44 last season.
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