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  1. I know.I forgot too fo them before I left.I'll get on it.
  2. The hotel had a big buffet aswell.Thats all I needed.Over run with blumming Germans on holiday though.Only news channels and Eurosport were in english on TV.I spent a fortune on the pool table.LOL. Thanks for warm welcome back.
  3. I take that as a complement.Well I'm back now so things will liven up.LOL.
  4. Hello everybody.I'm back.I went to Tenerife to a 5 star hotel for 2 weeks.Had great fun meeting family and friends. I've been missing writing on this site but thats come to an end.It was helpful that I had a Liverpool fan telling me all of the latest news on the flight back last night.Can't believe we've sold L Young but it was nice to walk in my house with loads of mail at the front door and at the middle of the pile,big bold headlines saying that Cuellar was staying on a Birmingham Mail back page. Happy with the start of the season.Can only get better I suppose.I hope you all enjoyed your
  5. Well,I'm off tomorrow.Like I said,keep well and enjoy the start of the season and Up The Villa. Bye and see you all in 2 weeks.Come On Aston Villa!!! :thumbup:
  6. A few members won't have anybody to be controversial at.
  7. Hello everybody.I'm going on Holiday to Tenerife and I won't be seen or heard on this website for 2 weeks. I will be flying the claret and blue flag high in Gran Canarias and I hope you all have a great time on holiday and enjoy discussing topics. Stay safe also.My thought are with you all and I hope you are ok and if it comes to this,beat the crap out of the rioters for me.LOL. Bye and see you in 2 weeks. Up The Villa.
  8. Hi all.Whats everyone doing tonight and how we all doing?
  9. Stu is working on it I think.It does look strange compared to how we know it.I wonder how long it will take for the background and forum to be updated.Respect to Stu and the gang,interesting seiing how you start from scratch.
  10. I'm watching Wall Street with my mum and brother atm.Has anybody else seen this film.
  11. Not that I think anyone interested but I'm enjoying a nice fruit ice lolly watching South Park.It's funny.
  12. I know yeah.Did anyone see the row of english balckburn fans.I just thpught it was funny seeing as how they were the only english people there. It was a nice sight watching all the flags waving at the end of the match all waving at once.
  13. Hi everybody. How we all doing. Is anybody on holiday? I am.My school closed for the summer a while ago. And for those of you who are,how are you doing,what are you doing?
  14. While I was on chat with Scott1888 and IKDJ nad a few others,Scott1888 said I look like a cabbage patch kid and I really do. Just add some spiky hair and a few years and there you go. LMAO :roll:
  15. Villa's newest signing,LOL.
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