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  1. rather do it with an inflatable woman
  2. ok,i'm going off here now and i'll email you straight away.
  3. chris is in bristol,he's staying over night in a hotel,they've found somewhere to watch the saints La.
  4. if you want to,but when you take the ones in your pool,fyeo.
  5. either chris has corrupted you or you him :g:
  6. that's brilliant. :thumbup: . his are bigger than mine!!
  7. girls like femine guys,play on it.you'll score more than aguero..
  8. not just him,my other brothers as well,they're all the same,sex mad.
  9. when super marc scored all 12 of us went mad,you should have seen it,ooooooooohhh. as for the gorgious ciaran,heaven.
  10. thats different,we'll be topless then,.all 3 of us.
  11. pervert!!!! to be serious for a moment,when you go to watch the saints do you have one of those get togethers in the car park?
  12. i'm the one in the pic here,furthest from the camera with the longest hair if anyone wants to know.
  13. i take it you surf porn like chris does.you should see the history on his computer. it's illegal in some countries.
  14. chris is in a pub in bristol with my brothers and cousins. your corresponding with 12 girls drinking wine and starting to party.
  15. clean it,we hope to be there in september,were working on chris. if i can't get marc then it's you all the way.we like a man with experience who knows what they're doing in the bedroom
  16. to right La,on this site it's you or peever!!!!!!!!!!! maybe loyal if he wears a pink chiffon blouse!!
  17. thanks. got to go now as we,ve got shopping to do.got to buy pizza and wine to watch the game.would like to leave you with this thought. there's 12 of us who'll be watching the game,drinking wine,wearing villa shirts. hope that's one of your fantasies lads...
  18. there's phone lines for that you know.
  19. we'll have to meet sometime then.you'll have to find a bed for us all,then somewhere to sleep!!!! :wahey:
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