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  1. Haha worked there when I was younger, I know it well.
  2. Haha fair enough, I'll give you a shout then when I have the chance then and jump on the train.
  3. Fair play, that's awesome, you drive down there? I've looked for coach travel and such and never found anything. Plenty for Liverpool and United but f*ck all for Villa.
  4. Cheers Rawly, I needn't have typed anything!
  5. Rarely mate I work most weekends and don't drive, I plan on changing all that but as it stands it's practically impossible. What about you?
  6. Ahh nice one mate I knew a few people in Denbigh, almost worked up there at MHC.
  7. Where abouts you from Jeff?
  8. Benteke coming on for Belgium against Wales.
  9. Daily Mail - Fabian Delph Gamble Pays Off http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2748459/Fabian-Delph-gamble-pays-Aston-Villa-midfielder-justifies-Roy-Hodgson-s-bold-England-selection.html
  10. Minutes silence ruined by fans singing at the Liberty, the only perfectly observed minutes silence I've seen this weekend has been at Anfield. Wankers at every club, but I'm especially disappointed in Villa after how we treated fans who didn't join in the 19th minute applause at VP.
  11. Sick of the enjoyment some people seem to get from hammering the club when we lose. Rufustfirefly, I honestly don't see you on here when we win, you only seem to turn up to criticise when we lose. I'm as pissed off as everyone else but it's like a small Heath forum on here at times and it's as f**cking depressing as the match. I'm not pro Lambert any more, but i'm also not anti lambert, what I am is pro villa and I don't think a single one of us believes that sacking Lambert now would in any way benefit the club, but getting behind the squad just might. Does that rationale make someone an "inb
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