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  1. Even the drag acts are growing those stupid beards
  2. Hah, he's got a habit of doing that. I did think as when I commented last night it was just the picture lol
  3. Didn't think you'd be the type of guy to have a Star Trek uniform to hand just to take a selfie mike
  4. Lol, and I put a bet on number 1 lol
  5. Makes you wonder what could have been achieved with these players if they hadn't been surrounded with more youth or budget basement signings, they could have flourished surrounded by real quality prem experienced players
  6. Just a question? Will this haunt loyal as much as the QIA link has haunted me since??
  7. I think a top level manager and a handful of 10-15+ signings would rip us away from what we're used to in an instant. Wouldn't propel us to the top but we wouldn't be hoping for Fulham and Cardiff not to win
  8. I was playing FIFA yesterday and got us to our 4th league cup final was 6th but got knocked out of the FA cup and I got the sack!!! I'm Everton now as they were the only decent ones and I've got villa in the cup final lol
  9. Hopefully when we start again we'll have pep at the helm and messi on the pitch lol
  10. Fulham only have stoke and palace and aren't in bad form, it's going to be a nail biter that's for sure. And as for the campaign I wouldn't say I'm fully signed up but we need to give ourselves the best chance of survival and that's with a rocking VP and that means no lambert and cowans in his place
  11. Sorry but I'm joining in now!! lambert has to go now, I still don't believe it's his fault entirely BUT if Lerner is selling then he's off anyway and if he's not he's lost the fans. The biggest part is we need the fans behind us at VP for the hull game more than ever. Cowans in as interim and that will be easier to make happen. We're really in trouble, if Cardiff lose tomorrow then I'm not worried about them as they're not beating Newcastle and Fulham, but Fulham could easily beat palace and stoke!
  12. You don't need to, you mention him in every single post whether it's in context or not. Whether you hate him of not you definitely enjoy having a go at him or a moan about him
  13. Play Robinson from the start, he's got something to prove, he's not knackered from a season of football, he'll be full of energy and the fans will be right behind him
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