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  1. This. I think we've seen what they have to offer our club!!
  2. If this isn't sacking form I don't know what is!
  3. Gd post summed up nicely. We have history and nothing else! Bright future proud history, Ahem I smell bullsh!t Mr Lerner!
  4. We have a nibble! I'm not taking the p*ss lol just you would have to have the faith of jesus on the cross to believe were going to get anything out of the remaining games.
  5. Lambert looks like a magician whose only got two tricks in his magic box and everyone knows what they are! As much as I'm disgusted with Lerner, Lambert is look more and more hopeless with each game that passes.
  6. Its a mess! The club needs a clear out from top to bottom, its about time the fans made there frustrations herd!
  7. Great result and a desperately needed 3 points! Lets hope we can build on this to ensure survival!!
  8. I dont think anyone wouldnt forgive the fans for showing some frustration if things go pear shaped the weekend, we have been told all too often we have a 'Bright future' and that we're 'building something' and 'only looking up the table'. Well its about time somebody kept a f@@king promise. Fed up!
  9. He's not replied, can anybody translate for him he obvs didn't'nt understand the replies..
  10. Fail to see where the points are going to come from to keep us up!! Going down my lord!!
  11. Talk about talking to early loyal we're well and truly back in a relegation dog fight again!!
  12. I don't understand Norwich's mentality tbh as they are now going to be stuck with a player who doesn't want to play for them is disliked by the fans and is just going to cost them in wages. regardless of how the they feel about Lambert or the Villa they are going to receive money for a player who is now only going to cost them money for no return. #Bonkers Norwich!!
  13. Clearly Benteke trying to put himself in the shop window!!
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