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  1. Is there anything those barbaric Kanajun colonist,webbed fingered,inbreds wont do to wash the seal blood off their hands?Still I suppose,once you bash the poor little seal buggers skulls in,what's left to do with the carcass? http://www.cbc.ca/consumer/story/2011/01/13/nl-seals-react-113.html Beware any Chinese sausage or fireworks which you may find at your markets shelves.Better yet,join the rest of the civilized world and boycott Canada. :furious: bloody canuks
  2. This post is useless without pics of the lucky sheep.
  3. I heard it's like that in Kanarda year round,coast to coast, 24/7/365.How they operate as a country I'll never know, like their Navy for example, I think Pervy lives here. Their cricket is bloody,well,awful Why bother? :no:
  4. I stayed here last time I was in Paris and let me tell you that hotel it's run by a bunch of :censored:
  5. "People who cant keep their noses out of their own business, and complain that what i say they dont understand" Try another language, just a thought. :whistling:
  6. I like him but I like Tim Vines even better.
  7. Where's my Crouch thread gone then ? :furious:
  8. Nazi moderator. :furious: How dare he move one's thread(s) to another more general thread. :furious: :readthemessage:
  9. What the f*ck is wrong with this world! :furious:
  10. Roary.Blimey, that's a hell of a story,no,ordeal.Speedy recovery and get well soon, do what the docs say and relax.
  11. One page has a scratch and sniff but I won't spoil the surprise. I had wished it smelled of tuna,but alas.
  12. I finished mine with one crayon. :thumbsup:
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