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  1. Barkley joins on loan. This is improvement
  2. Lets hope Man City smash Watford by 5 goals,, making the GD much more closer
  3. Wesley (£22.5M) 2/5 Mings (£20.07M) 3/5 Luiz (£15.12M) 1/5 Targett (£13.95M) 2/5 Konsa (£11.97M) 1/5 Nakamba (£10.8M) 1/5 Samatta (£9.45M) 1/5 Trezeguet (£9M) 1/5 El Ghazi (£8.10M) 1/5 Heaton (£7.92M) 4/5 Engels (£7.20M) 2/5 Jota (£4.05M) 0/5 Hause (£3M) 1/5
  4. Anty


    Why not the USA trying to damage the Chinese reputation due to the trade war?
  5. Will do us a world of good to get McGinn and others back in fitness
  6. Westham winning and bournemouth Not good signs, hoping the way Norwichs win against Leicester can encourage us to win our game in hand over the rest. It going to be tight.
  7. As much as it seems i dont feel confident in getting any points. No matter what team is put out, the same individual mistakes happen. Grealish beginning of the season trying to play it from the back (Spurs game) Mings getting injured and trying to continue on (Leicester Game) Taylor often beaten by the opposition headers Luiz playing or doing fancy balls in front of our defence (Bournmouth) Nakamba cant even pass and passing straight back to opposiition again in front of our CBS El Ghazi trying to play balls back into our CM but our CMs are nowhere to be seen a
  8. Time to act now, we need discipline.
  9. Typical, the players are just focused and reserving it for the cup final been a major distraction
  10. It was mentioned that the handballs were checked but it was completed in less than 20 seconds. Dont quite understand these things.
  11. Mistakes willing to happen all the time. we keep playing dangerous passes, making the same mistakes over and over again. El Ghazi almost gave a goal away. Our left is destroyed completely by every team but Targett is good going forward. Hause is the weaklink on the 3 man Trio. Drinkwater offered nothing and just played passes to players 10 metres away from him. He struggled and couldnt move in 2nd Half. Luiz and El Ghazi were very good though the former should have make it 2-0 and would have been a different game then. Sammata is alot better than Wesley. Grealish is his usual and
  12. Reina was poor, should have saved both goals. Defence was very shaky for some reason. Grealish carried the team as usual. Davies and Samatta caused issues when Davies came on El Ghazi, Nakamba, Luiz all very poor too
  13. Borja Baston on route to villa Not particularly excited
  14. Dont think we get anyone especially with Davies back in
  15. I think we should buy one and loan another striker. Perhaps get Hogan back? We could do with letting Lansbury, Kodija , Kalsnic go
  16. Its time for a change but who can help out now? Big Sam? Lump it to Wesley who cant win a header? We are making mistakes all the time and its costing us dearly. I think its time for a change now before the Jan window starts. We look very poor and Jack out wide limits the the play he can do. Imagine if hes in the centre he can control much more.
  17. very dangerous i would say
  18. if we are not going for Maupay, who are we going for??
  19. Still need a striker. I think one more transfer and we are done. Then a lot of the players will be sent out on loan or sold, such as BB, O Hare, Hepburn Tish and Hogan
  20. Looks like our team could be due to the transfers rumours. ?? Guilbert Mings Konsa Targett Luiz Trezquet Grealish McGinn El Ghazi Moares Steer Engels Elmo Taylor Hause Hourihane Jota Kodija
  21. As AXel wont return, need a partner for Mings
  22. We are out. So embarrassing Only BPL side to get beaten by lower .opposition0
  23. Fack this. The win over sunderland just covered the cracks
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