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  1. I agree with Stu that this season would probably be too soon for European football. I can't argue that it would be brilliant to play against top sides from around Europe, make us attractive to new players and raise our profile but in the long run I am not so sure. We've seen teams qualify in recent seasons (Wolves, Burnley, etc.) and their league form suffers. You have to play league games every Sunday and if you go in at the qualification stage you play a hell of a lot of games in the season. Our squad really wouldn't cope with that at the moment. We could make a lot of new signings
  2. Up until the substitutions it was a similar performance to what we have been producing the last few games. Really didn't look like scoring and seemed to really lack ideas. In the end though its an important win and keeps us in the top half. Seriously think its time to start Davis up top alongside Ollie. Whilst it might not work, we need to try something different. Not convinced with Ramsey just yet, think he needs more time coming off the bench. I find it strange that it took Scotland pushing McGinn forward for Smith to try the same? He is much better suited to an advanced midfield
  3. Interesting. I know he was taken off with a possible injury during the u23 game yesterday so another setback if true.
  4. I think its going to be interesting to see what happens with Wesley now he's nearing fitness. Whether DS and the board feel he is good enough competition/support for Ollie or if we'll sign a new striker in the Summer.
  5. I think Douglas Luiz was one of our best players following the first lockdown to around Christmas time. Since then his form has dropped back again and he struggles to get involved in games. I'm not sure what has caused his dip in form but hopefully its only temporary as we are a much better team with him on form.
  6. Is anyone surprised at what is happening at Newcastle? I can see a lot of similarities between the way he is handling things there to what he did with us. With Fulham looking to have some fight and confidence back relegation is looking likely IMO.
  7. Cheers Stu, been a while 😂 Happy to see the forum still going! I think Traore has shown he has the ability, but whether he has the work rate or just becomes a "luxury" player we'll have to see. I'd certainly keep him ahead of the other two. I really wanted Trezeguet to succeed, especially after his vital goal against Arsenal last season but its clear he won't cut it at the level we want to be.
  8. Another dreadful attacking performance from us, which has been the case since we have come back from the outbreak. We can all talk about the impact of missing Jack, and I don't think any fan can justify arguing against the fact we are a one man team from an attacking point of view now, but even a couple of games before he got injured we didn't have that spark we have had the first half of the season. Two silly mistakes have cost us, but from the way we played I think 0-0 was the best we were going to get. Cash should know better than to slide there, and needs to stop giving away silly pen
  9. I don't think there is any doubt that Smith is taking us forward. I'm as frustrated as anyone with our form since the COVID outbreak, and his decisions at times, but the progress this season compared to last is massive. He took us over when we were mid table in the championship. Within a couple of years we are beating the champions 7-2, playing some of the best football I've seen us play in my lifetime and actually being in the mix for a European spot come March. All the talk seems to be that we plan on significantly improving the first team again this Summer. Should that be true, t
  10. We're awful in every way. I don't enjoy watching us anymore, its become a chore. We deserve to go down, we're a pathetic excuse for a premier league team. They can all f*ck off.
  11. I actually think he is one of Norwich's better players and would flourish in a better team.
  12. Only a matter of time before he signs for us. Norwich won't keep an unhappy player. Could turn out to be very shrewd business by us indeed.
  13. I think he'd be an excellent signing for us. He can create things out of nothing and wouldn't command a high wage.
  14. Same old. Pathetic performance. We are a championship team at the moment. My faith in Lambert has extinguished. He needs to go.
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