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  1. Sad indeed....so sad that it almost makes you yearn for the Venglos years...I mean season! Attrocious...we are hero-worshipping average players like Albrighton and Vlaar because (most of) the others aren't good enough for Wolves or Walsall. Swansea simply played us off the park, like everyone else has done sice LAMBERT became manger. Even WBA are above us now.....the 4 teams that are STILL below us must be p##s poor,well they are! On of the worst Villa teams I had the misfortune to bother with...and there have been a few...see above!
  2. Another inept display from Lambert's wingless (and defence-less) wonders. Even with 5 at the back Palace could have scored four. If we stay up its only because there are 3 more rubbish teams in the Greed League. Yep, we are THAT BAD, Lambert.....
  3. 3-1 Palace. Whether Gabby is fit or not.
  4. Wretched. Albrighton got MOTM against W Ham and only played for 20minutes. WE HAVE AN INEPT DEFENCE, NO MIDFILD AND A POWDER PUFF ATTACK. Save for the Chelsea and Bradford thumpings, we are WORSE than last season, when we beat a few teams around us in the last 10 games. WE HAVEN'T BEEN DOING THAT THIS SEASON, and its hard to see us getting results out of the last 6 games when we've only won 3 all season...as somebody else said, worse than relegatin form, does anybody have A GOOD WORD TO SAY ABOUT LAMBERT AND INVISIBLE - MAN LERNER????
  5. Thing is...I thought we HAD a very rich owner. Trouble is, he has decided to become a tight git.Looking at our fixture list, March is where we could plunge into the championship 'places', for those who would prefer us to beat Bournemouth rather than Everton or Spurs. The next two games are Cardiff and the Toon away....lose those and we are right on target. KEEP RIGHT ON, L & L, and we 'll be playing THEM next season... #pathetic
  6. It Didn't.....fact is West Ham beaT Spurs 3-0 away without Carroll. Arrogant of us to think that we would roll them over when they patently have far more quality in defence and midfield than we do...which shows how crap this Lambert team is, when put under any scrutiny. You could name ten players he has bought, who aren't in the team, or Shouldn't BE ANYWHERE NEAR THE TEAM.DEAD LUCKY WE WON AGAINST WBA, OR WE WOULD BE WHERE THEY ARE NOW. PATHETIC, ABJECT. Another 3 years of this garbage?? NO Thanks......
  7. 1-1 at best.....lose and we are in the fight to stay up. As I said before....that 10th place means nothing. Southampton in 9th are a class above us, and the rest below.
  8. Yep, arsenal took their foot off the gas. First half, pre-baker injury, it was all arsenal, similar to how spurs pinned us bacK last season and this. Never in the game until the MIDDLE OF THE second half,when they gifted us the ball for benteke's goal, similar to how delph had stupidly given the ball away for their second, eleven seconds FROM THE KICK OFF??ONLY POSITIVES WERE BENTEKE SCORED, THE LAST 15 MINUTES, and we have just signed Grant Holt. p.s. I am joking about the holt bit..........whats that noise I hear?..........oh, its Lambert scraping the BOTTOM OF THE BLOODY BARREL!!
  9. Villa 1 Arsenal 3. And I am being kind. Watched arsenal beat spurs last nite....awesome. ONLY CONSOLATION IS THAT WALCOTT might be injured, and won't be able to skate past Baker and the even-worse Clark every time he gets the ball.
  10. SORRY TO SAY THIS, These 'kids'(24 YEAR OLDS NOW) are NOT going to become internationals.....they are NOT welbeck,jones,cleverley,janusza or hernandez in disguise. Out lot will end up back from whence they came...league 1 or the championship if they are lucky. And we have got rid of sidwell,ireland,whittingham,bannan,davies, even routledge,etc... and REPLACED THEM WITH WHAT, EXACTLY??
  11. I heard PL on radio wm....sounded like he was backtracking on what he said before, saying it was reporter Mark Regan's fault for 'misinterpreting' his answer. RUBBISH...have a listen again, lambo..... you SAID WHAT YOU SAID. Thing is,look at the gates.... some of the 'magic' HAS gone from the cup. Trouble is, SO HAVE WE!
  12. Yes true. But you would have thought that with all those tonevs and lunas and bacunas he bought in the summer, he would have had enough to 'go again' and try for a cup run with a bigger squad. BUT HE KNOWS that HE BOUGHT RUBBISH IN THE SUMMER. Thats why he came out and said the cup ' distracted' from his bloody project of keeping villa up again by the skin of their teeth - again. ActUALLY, the worryong thing is that the team he played today ONLY had a few enforced changes, yet sheffu outplayed us like palace and all the others who visit B6 nowadays. Just seen Arsenal on the box......we are go
  13. Pity we couldn't have held on for that draw lol. Still it was mighty sheffu.
  14. Two ways of looking at this. LAMBERT IS RIGHT, FOR ONCE. Only saying what the other PL managers dare not to. It is ALL ABOUT the PL and the CL now. Yet those top 4 teams also hoover up the FA CUP too, because they have big enough squads to play weakened teams until the SF and Final. So why bother kidding ourselves. Waste of time and energy. Anyway Blues and Wigan BOTH went down after winning at Wembley! The other way is that he is totally wrong. If all we have to play for is hoofball survival under RL AND PL, then it really isn't worth going down there to watch mediocre trash for the next
  15. At least under MON though we were effective, and there was SOME quality, just not enough. Today was the usual load of rubbish, watching the away team make us look like we belonged to a division below. Oh, we do, at the moment! As for gabby running to the bench after 7 minutes.....swansea had 73% of the ball afterwards. I should WAIT A BIT LONGER BEFORE YOU CELEBRATE NEXT TIME. MATE!!
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