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  1. Holy sh*t lads, 4-1 even that isn't what I had expected.....and hammers haven't scored either....this has been an incredibly bad weekend...no season for Villa. Bad and dark day..sorry but I can't be optimistic right now that was an absolute shocker of a result.
  2. 2-2 that'll do, now we need the Tesco bags to slip up.
  3. I have to say this is the worst position we've found ourselves in for a good while now. I can't stress enough how much we need a goal from wet spam.
  4. 2-1 Fulham, Hull have scored. We need the hammers to do us a favour in truth.
  5. B*llocks. We need a hammers goal now...no hope for us in this now at 3-1 with just over 15 left. All attention to Hull next week I think for us fans...this has been another weekend to forget for Villa.
  6. We really need a Villa goal and a hammers goal else next week....well if we fail to get 3 points next week I can't see us avoiding the inevitable. (I know I said we could mess Swans and Hull up and beat spurs knowing us but really? It's hard to tell). Good luck to Robinson, I wish the best game for him today but pinning our hopes on an unknown shows just how desperate we've got imo.
  7. Wouldn't mind a draw, got a feeling it'll be 1-1. That means we have to score though...maybe an own goal would do actually lol. I can honestly imagne us messing this and Hull up and then beating spurs or citeh.
  8. If that hotel room is going mate i'll be happy to fill it provided you don't fill me, you know i'm pretty but I don't swerve that way matey! As for where Loyal i meant seating position but i'll get a ticket soon enough.
  9. Now it's just a case of figuring what time I get there and where I actually can get a ticket.
  10. Crikey Mike! You were brave posting this knowing Peever is due a visit yet.
  11. This is going to be one heck of a day, I probably won't remember this for the following month or two after!
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