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  1. Sylla always gives the ball away when he comes on and he looked tired in the build up to the goal, he's looked nothing but cumbersome since arriving IMO .. Now do I blame him or PL for buying him.. Fact of the matter is our strongest team is as good as Benteke's form on the day and I don't think PL has a clue what to do about it. I would prefer to see Bacuna play higher up the pitch with Lowton Behind him, if not give Albrighton a start as he puts balls in the box.. We need width on the left as gabby naturally drifts in the middle.. And where are all the continentals we bought? Why are we
  2. England cant play under pressure IMO.. We've had the players/managers to win a major tournament but the pressure put on the players by the press and fans renders them impotent when it really matters IMO Gerrard/Cole have been our best players for more than 10 years now as they are the only ones who have shown consistency throughout their international careers..
  3. RL is a business man first and foremost, he relied on MON's judgement and expertise to acquire "Top Quality" players.. As a manager, MON was made aware of how much players cost and how much they were demanding in wages, RL trusted him to make the right decision and got bumped.. Even if MON wasn't privy to the ins and outs of the wage demands he still asked for these players in the first place, only to keep them on the bench or play them out of position.
  4. You cant replace the quality players that we had, with bargains from the championship and expect to stay in this league, The more quality we get rid off the more likely it is we go down.. So whose to blame? I'm sticking with MON.. He's the reason RL tightened the purse strings in the first place.. 195mil spent and nothing to show for it.. If you gave that type of money to your wife and she only came home with 4/5 items that were worth anything you'd kill the bitch not keep giving her more to spend.. And you too would spend more prudently should you marry again..
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