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  1. At least you got a holiday. Never had one :(
  2. Just couldn't resist it :P but it at least distracts me from the form Villa are in as of late You gotta be happy about the Jets form as of late, especially the win over the Galaxy
  3. Maybe the world's evening out so Villa can win a cup? One can hope :P
  4. lol yeah they wouldn't let me come home and post it. Cheers for the well wishes guys once again :)
  5. haha yeah, my left calf is a bit sore but it should come good in the next few days. Probably cause I'd been on my back in hospital for 85% of the time. Thanx again guys :)
  6. Cheers guys. Yeah, missed out on two Villa matches so wasn't happy but a small price to pay. Ended up watching them yesterday after my brother recorded them for me. Hopefully me resurgence rubs off on Villa :)
  7. Just got out of hospital today after a week in there To get to the hard part, you have to go round the bend so to speak. I have high insulin (the stuff used for diabetics) which drops my blood sugar down and when it gets to a certain point, I have a seizure. To describe one of the seizures is a little hard to do. Basically what happens is my head fills with pressure causing me to not hear anything around me. I loose all movement of my limbs for the most part of 10 minutes when I get movement back, although my limbs feel like they've been pricked with a thousand needles. I have a migraine fo
  8. With the segment they have - "I'm an A League Celebrity, Get me out of here" about Robbie Fowler, My local team I support - Brisbane Roar - will be in that segment this week. They played Perth Glory (the team he now plays for) and beat them 2-1 with a goal in the 94th minute to win :D. Can't wait for it
  9. Don't got it over here but we have Vegemite. Basically the same thing and has been a national icon over here for the past 70 odd years
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