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  1. im looking for 3 points off this one, no reason not to. utv
  2. i can remember when people on here were crying out for var. not been to happy with it myself, like a lot of other things it takes to much out of good honest football. refs can be for or against us, its all in the game. mistakes can be made on var by misreading just like anything else, but it does take a certain ammount of pleasure out of the game. get rid of it as soon as.
  3. still a brill result, lads did well again, respect to them.
  4. rogerstan


    https://www.bing.com/search?q=james+gatitens+played+for+aston+villa+1950s&form=CHRDEF&sp=-1&pq=james+gatitens+played+for+aston+villa+1950s&sc=0-43&qs=n&sk=&cvid=7D5B1D07F72D4A55B912DAB1913A20F2 hope this helps
  5. it was rocking in my house when i saw that goal go in,
  6. new manager, new start, new jitters, but excited about future prospects, utv
  7. if we dont win this one, we could be in deep shite.
  8. thanks mark, and just to add for the doubters, we are 2 points off the bottom of the league, lose the next game and we could be there, surely with that position there can be no doubt that the removal of smith is the right thing to do. or should i say, done. utv.
  9. at the rate smith is going, or was going, we could be bottom of the league so far that the rest of the season it would be nothing more than a relegation fight we may not win, we needed serious change now to give the new whoever it may be to settle in, and get the mess smith has brought us to sorted, the players need a good kicking, they are just wage getters, if its to be Gerrard lets just hope he has the backbone to do what's needed.
  10. i have to go for frank lampard, wouldnt mind david moyes being on that list
  11. not before time in my books, who next ? oh hey up, heres brucei back again,
  12. we are in a relegation battle, we have spent a lot of money on players who dont look anything else but championship players and smith cant control even them, he has to go, i have said that so many times,
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