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  1. rogerstan


    whats ip tv, what do you get with it, what does it cost, ?
  2. but thats the problem we always have, we have good playing youngsters, but their chances of playing are slim,,, i agree, keep grealish, thats a must, must say, im looking forward to next season a lot more than i have these past few years, roll on our first game, our first win, and our first move up the prem league. its not to far away now. utv.
  3. still dont think he is the man to take us to where we want to be, although im happy with our mid table finish this season,
  4. if we have a problem losing games with one missing player, then we have a problem. with the rest of the team. a recurring problem kept jack out of the man city game,
  5. sorry freddie, no energy and no effort,
  6. i miss sex in the city, its fecking hard work snogging in a mask, how do you know who your ermmm with.
  7. at the start of the season all i was praying for was at least a season where we didnt struggle in another relegation fight, i think we have achieved that, my higher hopes were of a mid table finish, i think we shall achieve that to, but i do now find myself wanting to get higher, and that mid table is not enough, not to bothered about finishing in the top six this year, the reasons one of two of you have said above, a nice 7 or 8 finish i will be over the moon, then we need to get in quick and sign some good attacking players during the window, i f we can achieve all this, im more than happy
  8. i voted no, i dont think he is the one to take us into the top 6, trouble is, there is no one available to do the job better than him, so i suppose until there is we have to stick with him. i just hope we can improve our striking force sooner rather than later.
  9. i fear the worse for this game,
  10. hi Larry, its nice to see you back, hope your doing ok but whatever your health problems are i hope you get well soon, tc and be safe.
  11. think Dublin covers what i wanted to say, how dare you mate. upwards and onwards, utv!
  12. hope the guy is ok, i sort of miss seeing him on here.
  13. im not sure we can blame the players for this, we have quality in the team, but we are just managed wrong, , smith has to learn how to sub and how to change tactics, until he can do that, we will not climb the ladder in the prem. i was thinking a short while back the way we were going we would finish better than what i thought we would at the beginning, of the season, about half way, now im not so sure,
  14. didnt see the game but was overjoyed at the result, , so we move to 8th table wise with a game in hand, would anyone put odds on finishing in the top 6 this season?. saying that, i was hoping for at least an half way finish this season, but how the tide seems to have turned for us.
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