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  1. Everton v ASTON VILLA Competition: Premier League Game: 25 Date: 22.01.2022 Prediction window closes 90 minutes before kick-off Predictions below, please
  2. I agree. Its like we are around the corner from smashing someone.
  3. You and me both but we cant use this as an excuse. I am enjoying watching villa more so than i have done in a long time and i did enjoy the early Smith tenure. I just hope we can start turning the performances into results.
  4. steveparsnips: 2-1 ZackL33: 3-0 chrisrjones9: 2-1 Steveo68muppett: 4-1 jtwill71: 2-1 dstocky1988: 3-0 avfcmatt1982: 3-0 cra1g72: 2-1 Villan1985: 2-1 Gallie75: 5-1 4key4: 2-1 DaaanColquhoun: 2-1 QuestionsCraig: 2-0 UTVChris: 3-1 birminghamb6: 3-1 The1874Lounge: 1-3 TalkTrinity: 3-1 Adrian_Siggins: 2-0 ollyk68: 3-1 temptherat: 2-1 JaseWheatley: 2-1
  5. Everton v Aston Villa Pre/post-match discussion. Premier League - Matchday 25 Goodison Park, Liverpool Saturday, 22nd January 2022 12.30 Kick-Off (UK Time)
  6. A slow first half for some reason. I was expecting a bounce back given how we lost on Monday night. Two poor goals to concede. I felt we really missed McGinn. As good as Sanson was on the ball - i felt he left too much space out wide, that McGinn usually covers. Second half we bounced back and were by far the better side. I did think at one point, is it going to be another of those games. Although we didnt create clear cut chances i felt players had to really want to get on the end of crosses but we didnt. The introduction of Coutinho and Chuks really changed things for us. Grea
  7. Ive been a fan for a while although he did seem to lose his quality over the last 12 months but i guess that could be a Benitez thing. I feel a little sorry for MT. He is clearly lacking in confidence but at the same time, the competition should do them both good. I agree on the DM - but it will come down to who and what is available.
  8. Aston Villa v Manchester United Competition: Premier League Game: 24 Date: 15.01.2022 Prediction window closes 90 minutes before kick-off Predictions below, please
  9. jtwill71: 1-2 ollyk68: 1-2 chrisrjones9: 1-2 robbcorin: 3-0 UTVChris: 1-3 Villan1985: 1-1 ZackL33: 2-1 QuestionsCraig: 1-1 Steveo68muppett: 1-2 Adrian_Siggins: 1-2 steveparsnips: 1-2 birminghamb6: 2-2 cra1g72: 0-1 avfcmatt1982: 2-1 DaaanColquhoun: 2-1 Gallie75: 1-3 The1875Lounge: 2-1 JaseWheatley: 1-1
  10. Aston Villa v Manchester United Pre/post-match discussion. Premier League - Matchday 24 Villa Park, Birmingham Saturday, 15th January 2022 17.30 Kick-Off (UK Time)
  11. Frustrating but as Gerrard stated - we are a nearly team at the moment. We MUST take our chances. Yes the VAR was extremely frustrating but we should have put the game to bed without that. I must say SG is so refreshing imo.
  12. Be an interesting game given Man Utds form. Knowing our like they will strike back to hurt us - as they normally do.
  13. It did feel very Smith-esk to be honest. It was crazy throwing Traore in and he barely lasted 60 minutes at the best of times when fit last season. With the options on the bench available to him, I am unsure what else he could have done? I know you mention the youngsters but its like he said, we were in complete control - if not fantastic. I think losing Marv has unsettled that midfield three. McGinn and Luiz seemed comfortable in their new roles but looked lost again yesterday. I'm sure he tore strips off them but it's time for him to be more ruthless with substitutions and sel
  14. Manchester United v Aston Villa Competition: Premier League Game: 23 Date: 10.01.2022 Prediction window closes 90 minutes before kick-off Predictions below, please
  15. ZackL33: 1-1 robbcorrin: 2-1 Steveo68mupett68: 0-2 4key4: 2-2 dstocky1988: 1-3 avstu: 1-1 steveparsnips: 1-2 cra1g72: 1-2
  16. Manchester United v Aston Villa Pre/post-match discussion. FA Cup Round 3 - Matchday 23 Old Trafford, Manchester Monday, 10th January 2022 19.55 Kick-Off (UK Time)
  17. Such a poor performance from me. I know sky and even Gerrard spoke about our domination but me for there was know intensity and we created very little. It felt like Dean Smith was back in charge.
  18. I dont think there is anything concrete at the moment. Villa like to keep a lot close to their chest
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