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  2. Me my wife and my 2 young sons was travelling on the train today from stafford to stone .The train was full of villa fans on the way to stoke .I would just like to leave a message to say what a great bunch of supporters you are !!obviously all on the ale and having a great time but a load of you offered your seats to my wife and kids !all of you was very respectful with my sons there just a good bunch of lads having a good day !!! Wish you all the best for the season from a stoke fan myself!! Thanks to the bloke at the back of the train for giving up your seat well done all avfc supporters in
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  5. What is your preference for online gaming?
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    whats ip tv, what do you get with it, what does it cost, ?
  7. but thats the problem we always have, we have good playing youngsters, but their chances of playing are slim,,, i agree, keep grealish, thats a must, must say, im looking forward to next season a lot more than i have these past few years, roll on our first game, our first win, and our first move up the prem league. its not to far away now. utv.
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  9. I also used the services of this application, but refused. And I started spending more time playing games.
  10. Keep Grealish, keep Grealish and keep Grealish would be my three. Of all the players we've been connected to Ward-Prowse is the only one who improves our first eleven and as much as I'd love to sign him that deal seems dead, we have a lot of players that wont start much unless there are injuries, I see little point in adding more. We keep being told we have some great youngsters, I'd like to see a lot more of them this season.
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  12. Now most of us are moving on from Euro heartbreak (or celebrations if your Dimitri) our thoughts will slowly start returning to Villa and next season. With the new kits revealed and released today, what three targets would you have between now and the season opener against Watford in August?
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  14. The media are currently picking our team apart. Grealish and McGinn now being linked with moves away.
  15. There rules are slightly different to ours. EPL have relaxed the FFP rules this season but Uefa havent so they would still have to stick to Uefa's rules given they are in the Champions League. Although they broke the rules before and got away with it. £100m is a starting bid id imagine. The problem with McGinn is he is being forced to play deeper than he should. Hes a box to box midfielder being asked to sit and help protect the back four. Hopefully that gets put right this summer.
  16. Sky are reporting that City have bid £100 million for Kane, I'd be surprised if they are going to part with that kind of cash twice in one window. As for McGinn this might be heresy around here but he hasn't been the player we saw in the Championship very often this past two seasons, he and Luis were average at best in far too many games last season. There's talent in both, I'd like to keep both for now but if a silly offer came in for either I'd sell.
  17. Just as B6 said, phone the ticket office. Bare with them as they are still working from home. Id call them late morning as the phones seem to settle a little then. I renewed mine last week. Looking forward to being back again now.
  18. Lots of talk about Jack and McGinn this morning. Papers saying Man City will break the EPL record to sign Jack Grealish. While other papers are saying Liverpool want John McGinn but arent prepared to pay more than £20M for his services. Personally cant see anything in either but we will see.
  19. I rang the ticket office and got through ok.
  20. I thought this would happen after I heard Watford had signed Rose.
  21. Ashley Young is very close to signing a one year deal with Villa, with an option of a further 12 months.
  22. I am trying to renew mine and my wife's season tickets unfortunately we have lost our season tickets and therefore cannot use the website as we have no client numbers we've been trying to contact the ticket office for several weeks now to either get our number s or renew our tickets but have so far been unsuccessful as the phone just keeps us waiting for hours and then cuts us off I've also tried to get on the website and attempted to find my client numbers that way but to no avail needless to say find this whole process exceeding frustrating !!!! Has anybody got any ideas as to how to conta
  23. Aston Villa and Norwich City have reached an agreement for the transfer of Emiliano Buendia. As Emiliano is currently in the Argentina national team’s biosecure bubble, preparing for a World Cup qualifying match with Colombia on Tuesday evening, he will undergo a medical and complete the transfer after the game. Official AVFC site.
  24. 23/05/2021 : Prediction League Table for Game 38, Wk38 - Chelsea I have posted my original table for this game onto Twitter under #AVLPL. To view the Table click on the link below then click again to enlarge the image to full size. Table Sorted by Player Name (ascending) within From (ascending) within Played (descending) within Score (descending) within Total (descending). Wk36 shows who played in this game (Y or N); there were 11 active participants out of 41 Players this time. EPL (Premier League), Wednesday 19/05/2021 : Aston Villa 2-1 Chelsea Original Table Link
  25. Gallie75: 1-2 QuestionsCraig: 1-2 Adrian_Siggins: 1-1 chrisrjones9: 3-3 birminghamb6: 2-0 jtwill71: 1-1 steveparsnips: 1-2 stellaciderman: 3-1 UTVChris: 3-2 JaseWheatley: 2-1
  26. Let’s hope it gets back to the norm ASAP! Can’t wait to get back!
  27. It was a great afternoon, very weird walking towards the holte with cars parked in the middle of the road outside aston church, specific entry to the holte end etc.
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