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  2. I agree. Its like we are around the corner from smashing someone.
  3. poor first half and conceded 2 silly goals, that waist high lunging assault on Konsa was worth a booking but dont think 1 was given,just hope Ezra aint out for long,---big big improvement 2nd half,the introduction of Coutinho and Chucks sure made a difference,i read he aint too happy and still wont extend his contract!! must admit i,m surprised by that,--it felt more like a win thn a draw great atmosphere,well done all, on a side note we attended the unveiling of the wall commerating the 40th anniversary of the European Cup win,-with little stories from Allan Evans,Colin Gibson,Denis
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  5. They are defo looking better. More emery in the performances and looking fitter. When the penny does drop we will be dangerous.
  6. You and me both but we cant use this as an excuse. I am enjoying watching villa more so than i have done in a long time and i did enjoy the early Smith tenure. I just hope we can start turning the performances into results.
  7. Rafa sacked. I was hoping they would keep him for this one lol.
  8. First half performance was so frustrating. The way we are conceding at the moment is ridiculous. Pleased we never gave up and managed to salvage a point. The one positive I can see at the moment is that we never give up.
  9. steveparsnips: 2-1 ZackL33: 3-0 chrisrjones9: 2-1 Steveo68muppett: 4-1 jtwill71: 2-1 dstocky1988: 3-0 avfcmatt1982: 3-0 cra1g72: 2-1 Villan1985: 2-1 Gallie75: 5-1 4key4: 2-1 DaaanColquhoun: 2-1 QuestionsCraig: 2-0 UTVChris: 3-1 birminghamb6: 3-1 The1874Lounge: 1-3 TalkTrinity: 3-1 Adrian_Siggins: 2-0 ollyk68: 3-1 temptherat: 2-1 JaseWheatley: 2-1
  10. Everton v Aston Villa Pre/post-match discussion. Premier League - Matchday 25 Goodison Park, Liverpool Saturday, 22nd January 2022 12.30 Kick-Off (UK Time)
  11. A slow first half for some reason. I was expecting a bounce back given how we lost on Monday night. Two poor goals to concede. I felt we really missed McGinn. As good as Sanson was on the ball - i felt he left too much space out wide, that McGinn usually covers. Second half we bounced back and were by far the better side. I did think at one point, is it going to be another of those games. Although we didnt create clear cut chances i felt players had to really want to get on the end of crosses but we didnt. The introduction of Coutinho and Chuks really changed things for us. Grea
  12. Hi I have a ticket for sale , as above, for todays game. I brought it yesterday at 5, my wife got home at 5.30 and reminded me we are out with friends !!!!! 😠 .......not happy. ticket value is £49.50....i'll take £40. Text or call me : 07736 205 212
  13. Aston Villa vs Manchester United -- English Premier League Aston Villa Villa lost 2-1 away to the upgrade team Brentford on the last game day of the league. Then they lost to Manchester United in the FA Cup. They team have lost four of the last five games in all competitions. After 19 games, they rank 14th in the championship - three points behind tenth-placed Leicester City. Manchester United Manchester United have lost 1-0 to wolves in the last league game. Rangnicks men are currently seventh in the table - six points behind fourth-placed West Ham United with two games in hand. Ma
  14. Ive been a fan for a while although he did seem to lose his quality over the last 12 months but i guess that could be a Benitez thing. I feel a little sorry for MT. He is clearly lacking in confidence but at the same time, the competition should do them both good. I agree on the DM - but it will come down to who and what is available.
  15. Absolutely yes for me, avstu. He’s fast and is a good full back with fantastic crosses in his locker. Targett is a liability and is too slow to play the way Stevie G wants us to play! Fast High Press Intensity. But we also need a CB, a CDM of Fabinho Kante or a Busquets style player should be signed this window! Then the Summer Transfer Market will be Gerrards chance to exercise his own views of what a successful AVFC will look like 👍🏻
  16. Position’s & examples of players Ive discussed with my Son, a high quality LB i.e Lucas Digne (or Sosa from Stuttgart has been impressive this season) a CB for sure (one experienced and one young enough to coincide with Mings’ age and learn his trade would be great) plus a Dominant CDM that’s strong and can control the game speed when needed with a high percentage passing accuracy! i.e Fabinho Kante or a Busquets style footballer would be amazing. If we can fill those three positions in this Transfer Window then it will be a great chance for us too stabilise our fabulous football club for
  17. It was good to see us battle for that last night. The stats showed we had more possession than them. Just a shame we didn’t take our chances. Was gutted for Watkins when he hit the bar as that was some real quality.
  18. Can’t really say I have ever paid any attention to him so don’t really know if he is quality or not. All the pundits seem to think it’s a good move. I guess it adds competition for the left back spot.
  19. Aston Villa v Manchester United Competition: Premier League Game: 24 Date: 15.01.2022 Prediction window closes 90 minutes before kick-off Predictions below, please
  20. jtwill71: 1-2 ollyk68: 1-2 chrisrjones9: 1-2 robbcorin: 3-0 UTVChris: 1-3 Villan1985: 1-1 ZackL33: 2-1 QuestionsCraig: 1-1 Steveo68muppett: 1-2 Adrian_Siggins: 1-2 steveparsnips: 1-2 birminghamb6: 2-2 cra1g72: 0-1 avfcmatt1982: 2-1 DaaanColquhoun: 2-1 Gallie75: 1-3 The1875Lounge: 2-1 JaseWheatley: 1-1
  21. Aston Villa v Manchester United Pre/post-match discussion. Premier League - Matchday 24 Villa Park, Birmingham Saturday, 15th January 2022 17.30 Kick-Off (UK Time)
  22. Frustrating but as Gerrard stated - we are a nearly team at the moment. We MUST take our chances. Yes the VAR was extremely frustrating but we should have put the game to bed without that. I must say SG is so refreshing imo.
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  24. Dermot Gallagher says on Sky Sports that the goal was disallowed because,Ramsey "impacted" Cavani, this occoured right next to Oliver, so the poor lad missed it first time around despite being about 3 foot away!!! a visit to Specsavers methinks! ,2 offsides and 1 handball could not be proven, so that was VAR,S last desperate shot to refuse the goal-----farcical,!!!! i ask would so much trouble have been taken if it had been at the other end?
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