Fixtures and Results

Aston Villa fixtures and results for the 2020/21 season. Please note that the dates and times of all upcoming fixtures in all competitions are subject to change at any time.

Pre-season Friendlies

    • July 21st: vs. Walsall (0-4 W)
    • July 24th: vs. Stoke City (2-0 L)
    • July 31st: vs. Bristol City (0-3 W)
    • August 8th: vs Salernitana (3-1 W)

Villa Park, Aston Villa

Saturday 14th August
EPL Watford 3-2 Aston Villa
Saturday 21st August
EPL Aston Villa 2-0 Newcastle United Aston Villa 2-0 Newcastle Match Report
Tuesday 24th August
CC Barrow 0-6 Aston Villa
Saturday 28th August
EPL Aston Villa 1-1 Brentford
Saturday 11th September
EPL Chelsea 3-0 Aston Villa
Saturday 18th September
EPL Aston Villa 3-0 Everton
Wednesday 22nd September
CC Chelsea (Pens) 1-1 Aston Villa
Saturday 25th September
EPL Manchester United 0-1 Aston Villa
Sunday 3rd October
EPL Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Aston Villa
Saturday 16th October
EPL Aston Villa 2-3 Wolverhampton Wanderers
Friday 22nd October
EPL Arsenal 3-1 Aston Villa
Sunday 31st October
EPL Aston Villa 1-4 West Ham United
Friday 5th November
EPL Southampton 1-0 Aston Villa
Saturday 20th November
EPL Aston Villa 2-0 Brighton & Hove Albion
Saturday 27th November
EPL Crystal Palace 1-2 Aston Villa
Tuesday 30th November
EPL Aston Villa 1-2 Manchester City
Saturday 4th December
EPL Aston Villa 2-1 Leicester City
Saturday 11th December
EPL Liverpool 1-0 Aston Villa
Tuesday 14th December
EPL Norwich City 0-2 Aston Villa
Saturday 18th December
EPL Aston Villa P-P Burnley
Sunday 26th December
EPL Aston Villa 1-3 Chelsea
Tuesday 28th December
EPL Leeds P-P Aston Villa
Sunday 2nd January
EPL Brentford 2-1 Aston Villa
Monday 10th January
FAC Manchester United 1-0 Aston Villa
Saturday 15th January
EPL Aston Villa 2-2 Manchester United
Saturday 22nd January
EPL Everton 0-1 Aston Villa
Wednesday 9th February
EPL Aston Villa 3-3 Leeds United
Sunday 13th February
EPL Newcastle United 1-0 Aston Villa
Saturday 19th February
EPL Aston Villa 0-1 Watford
Saturday 26th February
EPL Brighton & Hove Albion 0-2 Aston Villa
Saturday 5th March
EPL Aston Villa 4-0 Southampton
Thursday 10th March
EPL Leeds United 0-3 Aston Villa
Sunday 13th March
EPL West Ham United 2-1 Aston Villa
Saturday 19th March
EPL Aston Villa 0-1 Arsenal
Saturday 2nd April
EPL Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-1 Aston Villa
Saturday 9th April
EPL Aston Villa 0-4 Tottenham Hotspur
Saturday 23rd April
EPL Leicester City 0-0 Aston Villa
Saturday 30th April
EPL Aston Villa 2-0 Norwich City
Saturday 7th May
EPL Burnley 1-3 Aston Villa
Tuesday 10th May
EPL Aston Villa 1-2 Liverpool
Sunday 15th May
EPL Aston Villa 1-1 Crystal Palace
Thursday 19th May
EPL Aston Villa 1-1 Burnley
Sunday 22nd May
EPL Manchester City 15.00 Aston Villa


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