Lay Off Lambert


After a decent performance against Cardiff on Saturday, and with Villa having earned three points, some fans are still heavily critical of Paul Lambert. Sometimes, I question what supporters are expecting to see from Villa. They expect the team to be able to convincingly beat the likes of Cardiff and Hull but in reality no game is easy in the Premier League so they should not expect that. Realistically, and as much as it may hurt, Aston Villa is not a top six club any more. The loosened purse strings from the Martin O’ Neill days are long gone; supporters should stop living in the past and start to open their eyes to what Paul Lambert is starting to achieve. His key objective when he took over was to reduce the wage bill to a more reasonable level. Lambert has achieved this rather quickly and efficiently, I believe, and should not be criticised as much as he is for how the team is built because he had no choice but to reduce the wage bill. Randy Lerner does not want to spend fifteen million pounds on one player – he wants to get three or four players for that amount of money. If Lerner had not tightened his purse strings, Villa’s debts would be mounting up as you read. Nobody wants to see Villa up like a little club from Small Heath. Supporters must realise the times when we could compete with Spurs or Liverpool for a player have gone. Our fall from grace was significant and sharp but, if supporters remain patient, Paul Lambert can put the Villans back where they belong.

The team is managing to grind out performances even when the support is not there or when players are not playing too well. The Cardiff game showed this and the Manchester City game did too. If we can win games when we do not play to a high standard, it does not take long to work out that we are fairly capable of winning games comfortably while dominating. For Villa to become a top side again, the supporters have a huge part to play. If they cannot support Paul Lambert we will get nowhere. Therefore, supporters should reserve judgement until the end of the season, when we will hopefully have reach the top half of the table, which will be a massive success for the boys in claret and blue. Time will tell if this will happen but I firmly believe Paul Lambert is the man we need to take us forward.

What is the point in letting a manager start the job if he cannot finish it? Look at Ferguson: he was given time and we all know what he achieved. Now look at what Paul Lambert can achieve: the side is filled with players whose performances could be expected to peak in the next season or so. Some fans’ arrogance and failure to accept the work Lambert has done is mind-boggling. He has transformed the Villa side so deserves more support. Lambert needs the fans to be behind him, something he has always recognised, so get down to Villa Park and support Lambert and his Lions! Put down your phones: it’s pointless calling Stan Collymore. Use your energy to support Lambert and the lads.


  1. Hear hear! Well said mate, I’ve actually got so bored of talking to some fans, it’s like they enjoy the negativity and just spout off “ahh well you keep your tinted glasses on when we get relegated – LAMBERT OUT”

    Thing is, they said the same tripe last year and I just stayed calm, and low-and-behold, we stayed up!

    I really think people for their own benefit should chill out, all the stress is not good for the system, stress when you need to, not at something that MIGHT happen.

  2. It can be frustrating sometimes because we have such a proud history and tradition, a huge fan base and in the not too distant past were challenging in the top six. We also started this season very brightly with encouraging performances at Arsenal and at Chelsea. Since then, it’s been a little flat.

    However, I don’t disagree with anything you said in your article. I think Lambert has had to come into the club and rebuild – almost from scratch – and plant a new identity on the playing squad. We’re no longer over run with overpaid players who have no real desire to be succesful with Aston Villa (and this goes back to the JG days). We have a squad with lots of young hungry talent – and of course, some of these players wont make the grade necessarily (all signings are gambles and especially so from the lower leagues or unknown quantiites from Europe).

    What I think we need to do is build on last seasn, learn from it and a mid table finish would be a huge starting point for everyone. It’s obviously not where we want to be ultimately. But it would be progress.

    The players he has signed in the summer, I think it’s still far too early to judge them. I think Lambert will sweat blood to make us more competitive again but it’s not going to be overnight.

    • I totally agree with what you said as well but, still, we have to keep the faith. I said last week in my article that “Rome was not built in a day”.


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