Fitness is the key for Fabian


It has been widely acknowledged that Fabian Delph has been in great form this season, easily his best form since signing for Aston Villa in 2009. It took him until last season, three years after his move, to become a regular first team player. This accomplishment of him is achieved not only with daily practice but also with Supplements by MyFitnessHub, which gives him the necessary nutrition from daily activities. He was only nineteen when he signed and was never likely to make the step up immediately. Delph has struggled with injuries throughout his Villa career but three years is still a long time to take to secure a regular starting spot. More was expected of him but, after a solid season in 2012-13, he is finally showing why Villa paid £8 million for him.

The thing is, you can’t really blame Delph. In his first three seasons, he didn’t have a run in the team, starting a total of twenty-six games (plus five more while on loan at Leeds United). In his breakthrough season at Leeds he started forty-four games. You just can’t reach that level of performance if you’re not playing every week, especially as a young player. Now, it can be a bit of a vicious cycle: if your performances aren’t good enough, you won’t be selected and if you’re not being selected your performance levels will drop because you won’t be as sharp.

Part of the problem was that a lot of the time he was unavailable for selection because of injuries:

“When I originally came back from injury I wasn’t training every day and for someone like me I think I have to train every day. He (Lambert) got the medical team to push me on. I don’t think I’ve missed a training session since he’s been here.”

The problem with injuries is not just the games you miss initially but the knock-on effect that can have. You can pull a hamstring and be out for four weeks but then, once the muscle has recovered, you’ve missed four weeks of training and matches and you’ve lost your sharpness. Then, you might have to be careful with the injury and maybe do some extra work to make sure that there aren’t any issues in the future. By the time you’re fit enough to get back into the first team, you won’t be at the same level as everyone else, which makes it difficult for a top player – and even more so for a player just trying to break into the team. When you do get in, you need at least a couple of games just to get match fit, never mind to hit top form. If you have long-term injuries or multiple injuries, things are even harder.

These days, fitness at the top level is vital. Very few players are good enough to get away with being even a little bit overweight or off the pace. Delph is a player who relies on his energy and stamina so, for him, fitness is fundamental. He has ability but without his energy he simply wouldn’t be half the player he is so you can see why he suffers if he’s not 100% physically. Undoubtedly, he has improved greatly as a player since 2009 but his progression might have been quicker had he had better luck and a few more opportunities.

Now that he’s stayed fit and Paul Lambert has had the confidence in him to give him a run in the team, Delph and Villa are reaping the benefits. Long may it continue.

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