In the last week, much has been made of Aston Villa’s poor home form and we all have our own views on the reasons behind this – but are the Aston Villa faithful partly to blame?

Fellow ‘’ writer Adam Williams wrote an article yesterday (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly) and in his article he made reference to the fact that Villa’s away form is generally better because the travelling supporters are completely behind the team from the first kick until the final whistle, regardless of the score.

Maybe those who only go to home games need to take a few leaves out of the travelling fans’ books. Let’s be honest, we’ve got nothing to lose by doing so.

I am just one of over twenty thousand season tickets holders and, like many of you, I get very frustrated by some of the actions of both the manager and the players during games but does sitting or standing (depending on your preference) there moaning really help the lads on the pitch?

Common sense dictates that should you go to a child’s sports day, for example, you would show your support and cheer on your youngsters in their chosen events. So why is it any different on a Saturday afternoon at Villa Park?

Yes, I know some of you will grumble “because they are on £30,000 a week while my kids aren’t” and although I agree finances need to be looked at (a topic for another day), these football players are just human. They need to be shown support like your sons or daughters do on their sports days. After all, we all want Villa to be successful, don’t we?

So next time you’re down at Villa Park, maybe you should stop and think before you moan at that poor tactical decision by Paul Lambert or that poor pass you would expect a Sunday League player to execute better and get right behind the lads and show the opposition teams just how intimidating a crowd that’s supporting the boys in claret and blue all the way can be.

Spurs in the Cup

I was told yesterday that Aston Villa are expecting just 26,000 supporters for the upcoming League Cup game with Tottenham Hotspur.

Now, before everyone jumps on my back for what I am about to say, I fully understand that some people have other commitments.

The game is priced at just £15-£20 for tickets, which is an absolute steal for a modern day all Premiership clash. Tottenham Hotspur are expected to bring around 3,500 supporters, which is just over the average number they would bring for a Premiership game at Villa Park.

So why can’t Aston Villa supporters (who often moan about high ticket prices) at least match our average Premiership gate of around 35,000?


It is so easy to sit there and slate others when maybe as supporters (myself included) we should take a long hard look at ourselves and ask ourselves where we want to be as a club. We are supposed to have one of the best followings in the Midlands – so maybe it’s about time we stood up and started showing that to be true.

Come on! Get yourself on the phone and pick up a ticket for the Spurs clash then get down to Villa Park next Tuesday night and get right behind the boys.


Ticket information for the Villa v Spurs game can be found here.


  1. I’ve been trying to book a ticket for this game online and like every game so far this season (including Rotherham) there are no tickets available in the block where I have my season ticket.
    Having convinced my good lady that she couldn’t go to the Rotherham game because it was sold out in my block (an epidemic of Benteke fever I guessed). Imagine my “surprise” when I turned up to find about ten seats occupied and the rest of the block empty!
    I don’t know who is controlling the online ticket sales but I suspect either a bluenose or a baggie. Seriously someone needs to look at this.

  2. So sick of the poor atmosphere. Picked up for a bit last season then died again. Really think Villa fans as a whole love moaning. A group of 5-6 young lads in front of me arrive late every game, talking maybe 15 mins in then clear off on the half hour or so and coime back 10 mins into the 2nd half, moan some more and leave before the end. Why don’t they stay at home and save 400 odd quid a yr? Only place with any life is central upper Holte and evenb then most of the singing is about the blues.

  3. Marty – I am glad someone brought up the blues songs. I think the people up there sing the songs they know, and will create an atmosphere. I think the way both the Benteke Nd ‘we don’t care’ songs caught on prove they will sing other songs.

    They just need someone to think of new songs on a regular basis.

    • Maybe Stuart but songs can’t be more than 2 lines long then. I don’t care song was funnyish at Wigan but are we so totally devoid of any imagination that we’ll keep on singing it every game just changing opposing team name?? Okore song is funny and catchy but we won’t hear it, people are too lazy and/or stuck in their ways. Live for the away days, 100 x better than any home game.

  4. frustrating, my season tickets in L3 and out of the whole block you can count on your hand the people who sing and try and get things going… theres a group called Brigada 1874 in L8, they sing for 90 mins produce banners and all sorts… i dont understand why some villa fans oppose to them??? baffles me. if its not there cup of tea fair enough but for all the people who whant to make villa park a beter place atmosphere wise they are the only ones activly trying to do something…

  5. PhilR I’ve had that before, it said for the Newcastle match that my block was sold out (R4 North Stand) for the Newcastle game. In fact it said the entire Lower North was sold out! I refused to believe that so I rang them and low and behold they had plenty of tickets in that area left!

    My advice is to always ring them, I always feel more comfortable talking to a human being anyway, I know its being sorted properly then.


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