If you love football, just like the majority of people all around the world do, then for sure you have your own favorite team. One of the most prosperous soccer teams in the whole of England is Aston Villa Football Club, with seven First Division Championship titles and seven FA Cup titles.

Sometimes called The Lions, The Villa, Villa or The Villans, it is also one of the oldest in the country, having been founded in 1874. Witton, Birmingham is the home of this successful football club. Their base has made them the main foe of Birmingham City, another local FC.

Their track record is absolutely impressive. It is no wonder they have so many fans. With the advent of the Internet and mobile technology, following your favorite soccer team has become a lot easier.

Here are three of the ideal apps for the followers of the Aston Villa football club: Aston Villa Fan App This application is perfect for Aston Villa fanatics. Stay updated with the latest news, information on Premier League, forums, links and many other things related to your favorite football team. With this app, you will always be the first to know. From scores, results, fixtures, transfers and titles, you get them here first, even the rumors and gossip! Download here to get the app.


Soccer News Get the latest updates and news about your favorite sport. You will receive updates from all over the world from all the best sources. Your location will never be a hindrance from getting the latest events in football. News items, Twitter feed, blogs, all of these in one app for your Android. All you need to know is organized in tabs. You will have access to news about soccer worldwide.

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