How bright is the bright future?


The start of the season is always the time for optimism for fans. Having endured three relatively fallow years under Houllier, McLeish and then a difficult first season for Lambert, is it now finally the time to start to wonder how far forward we can reach again?


Aston Villa have been quietly careful, it seems, not to make any specific statements about where they see the club heading in the next few years, compared to the lavish and glossy campaign of yesteryear’s Proud History Bright Future. The fans can see what Lambert is trying to achieve but the question is: how far can we go with his vision for the club? I was thinking about the next 2-3 years: is there a plan for where we are trying to get to or is it a case of not looking too far ahead?


The logic is clearly to try and buy affordable young players and off-load the high earning players who have led to the club making losses year after year. Financially, this makes sense as long as the club remain in the league.


The signs are that Aston Villa are heading in the right direction. The second half of last season saw Benteke come into his own, culminating in a sensational 6-2 hammering of then relegation rivals Sunderland. A victory of that magnitude confirmed Villa were growing as a team. Despite the new arrivals at the club over the summer, the real high point came as Benteke signed a new deal. It was a signal of intent that Villa can progress.


Villa have been starved of European football lately and getting back into Europe has to remain the ultimate ambition. It is obvious Villa can’t currently compete financially with at least four of the league’s sides; add to that Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton and Spurs and you see what a job it is to secure even a UEFA cup spot through the league.


However, Villa have a genuine plan, and it is the most forward-thinking plan they have had in many years. They may not want to state exactly where they hope it takes us but, for now at least, it appears to be forward and, after years of excessive spending, followed by turbulence and chaos, Lambert has united the club in a vision that is still taking shape.


Watching clubs like Spurs spending excessively on aging players, and Arsenal not spending at all, makes me believe that Villa acting prudently could see us one day finish above them again.


It appears, for now at least though, Aston Villa prefer not to nail their colours to the mast. This takes the pressure off any failure to meet expectations but it would be nice to know the private aspirations of Lerner, Faulkner and Lambert. What do the fans think – how far can Lambert take us?


  1. Good Article, I agree strongly with your sentiments, there is no point in contnuing down the road of signing aging talent that offers no return, instead we’re signing young players who can bring the club forward. some of these will want to leave and move onto ‘bigger’ things and so be it. that always happens and as long as we make a profit on the players i’m happy.

    • My article and your comment makes me realise that the fans too have learned and matured with the club.
      I think our club must aspire to achieve what Moyes tried to achieve at Everton. Our plan is a bit different but DM showed Everton could challenge for top league places on a sound financial ground.

  2. We need to keep aspirations in check it’s a tough league. As I have mentioned before the hardest thing and most vital is keeping a core of five to six players together, because some lets face it will move on to bigger and better and you can’t blame them. As much as we all love our club it’s a short career for most football and players want to earn and win as much as they can in that short time. Anyway philosophical as ever lets hope we can compete Wednesday. Be under no illusions though Chelsea are a lot better than Arsenal, and you can bet your house that Lampard will score against us.

  3. Exciting times. Not sure what to expect other than it should be a lot better than last season if our form of the last 10 games, increasing maturity and better squad depth is anything to go by.

    I expect our Scouting network to be assessing the next no. 9 to come in so, if Tekkers does move on at the end of the season, we will be ready to move on quickly and spend some of the £40m (I hope) on a replacement.

    On a different note, it was great to see Gabby running at the heart of the opposition defence – PL really has got him firing on all cylinders and, finally, comfortable in a role that works for him and the team (and possibly England if he keeps it up and Woy has any sense). I also think Delph, Lowton and Westy should be getting a chance soon if they keep doing what they have done for the last dozen games.

    Flying around a bit I know but I think we are one player – a creative but strong ACM – away from a very good side. It would be great to see Milner back in a Villa shirt or another gem that PL finds with similar characteristics at a quarter of the price and wages!

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