Optimist or pessimist – which one are you?


It’s funny how opinions vary from fan to fan.

I personally am, and have always been, an optimistic Villa fan. I like to look at the positives and do not dwell on the negatives for too long. That’s not to say I don’t acknowledge the negatives when they happen but, even during Villa’s darkest days in the last couple of seasons, I always reminded myself and others that ‘it can only get better from here’.

So imagine my surprise when I spoke to a Villa fan who had a completely different outlook to my own. Asking him about the upcoming season, it was clear to see that he didn’t have the same sense of optimism I had, rather a pessimistic view.

I really believe we will do well this season. Okay, I accept the fact that the club is currently a work in progress under the ‘Lambert Project’ and I think the best we can hope to achieve is a (maybe!) a top half finish. Failing that, I’d even accept a mid-table finish, just not as low as last year. A good cup run wouldn’t go amiss either.  

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]”I accept the fact that the club is currently a work of progress under the ‘Lambert Project’.[/quote]


I also expect us to play a good, vibrant, exciting brand of football this season. Lambert has signed the players he wants to achieve that. You can clearly see in our pre-season games how well we have kept the ball, movement off the ball is great and creating chances hasn’t been a problem.

I think Lambert has adopted a ‘We’ll just score more goals than you’ approach. That’s not to say we’ll be poor defensively but in this team,  I really do think attack is the best form of defence.

Realistically, we’ll have some good performances and score a good amount of goals – but I have no doubt we’ll also lose a few games that we were probably not expected to. However, I don’t feel it’ll be a case of us falling short in terms of tactics, players or being unprepared, I think other teams in the Premier League have generally gotten better. Against the big boys, we will lose. We may cause a shock result here and there but, as Villa fans, we know that we can’t compete with them…yet.  We accept that. All we want is the 11 players on the pitch to work their socks off for the club and we’ll be happy.

But what does the pessimistic fan think?

In brief, he thinks we will struggle. He thinks other teams have strengthened to the point where we can’t catch them.

He also feels that we’ll be relegation candidates all season, and that we could be bottom by September, because of all the hard fixtures we have to contend with. Because of this, he thinks the younger players’ morale will have taken a hit, which will cause mistakes and nervousness in their performances. When the fans will start to get restless, these players will not want to make a mistake but when they do, they’ll want a black hole to swallow them up because of fans getting on their backs.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]”We could be bottom by September, because of all the hard fixtures we have to contend with”.[/quote]

He then said he anticipates us going on a long ‘losing/winless’ streak in the league because it seems to happen every season, even during the successful O’Neill era.

When I called him a pessimist, he replied: “I’m not a pessimist – I’m a realist.”

I tried to counter his arguments by saying we’ve signed some of Europe’s best upcoming youngsters, who want a platform to showcase their talents. Everyone makes mistakes on the pitch, even veteran pros.  It’s how you learn from them which makes a difference.


Also, most of the players in our team have now had at least a year’s experience in the Premier League, bar the new signings. Even so, Okore, Tonev, Luna, Helenius, Bacuna have all had European experience despite their relatively young ages. 2013_newsignings

What do you reckon, Villans? Is it a time to be optimistic or is it a time to be pessimistic?


  1. I’m philosophical about our prospects niether pessimistic or optimistic. What will be will be, however one thing remains villa have my support for the rest of my life.

  2. I’m pretty optimistic about the season ahead. Granted the opening fixtures are going to be difficult but it looks like we will be going to the emirates before they make any signings of note, stamford bridge before they get their striker and we face liverpool before Suarez is back from suspension.

    There is no doubting the young lads learnt a lot during that miserable patch last year and they will be better for it. However, while the signings of Lowton, Westwood etc turned out to be great I was expecting more quality signings this term as apposed to more of the same. Okore should be a great player and the rest could very well prove to be decent also but are they the quality of Benteke? I was expecting a bit more money to be spent on fewer players this term.. had we signed Okore, Luna and tonev along with 2 6 or 7 million pound centre midfielders I think we would be in a much stronger position. It will take time for the new lads to adapt and while everyone is saying it is going to take time… and I agree, why not try and minimise that time frame as much as possible? Surely a central midfielder or two of serious qualtiy would have helped this! I mean absolutely no disrespect in saying this but is a team of surprisingly decent players enough for the Villa? Is good players not something we should expect rather than be grateful for?

    I’m 100% behind Lambert but for me finishing anywhere below 10th after spending approx 35million pounds over two years with a decent crop of youngsters coming through and a 24mil man in reserves would be frustrating. There is no doubt we will gradually move up the table under Lambert… I just hope it’s quick!

  3. I find myself neither optimistic or pessimistic.

    I am hopeful, but I have reservations.

    I dont expect us to be embroiled in another serious battle against relegation, but if I speak from the head and not the heart, I wouldn’t be overly surprised if we were.

  4. Flat out, balls-out optimism and not the hollow kind either. This is the first time I’ve genuinely felt optimistic and more importantly, Proud about the Villa… its usually been over eager – though fully understandable – partisan support.
    A couple of lads at work put Villa in their top 3 to go down. How I smiled a smile and took joy in that naive prediction. We will be the surprise package for many cursory football followers.. or maybe I’m still claret and blue blind?
    Regardless. This is no false dawn. When all is said and done we Villan’s know we’re finally on a return to our former glory if this continues.

    Genuinely see a top 10 finish.

    *There’s only one Brian Little*

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