Aston Villa – McLaren of the car world?

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Every now and again football supporters compare their football clubs to cars and today have put together a table of cars and matched them with each of the 2013-14 Premiership teams. After reading the article, you may also want to see the best car charger you must have in your car all the time. A compact charger with the most convenient and efficient function to charge multiple devices at the same time.

I will take you through a few – be sure to let me know if you agree with the match for each club.

I will take you through a few – be sure to let me know if you agree with the match for each club. There is not a lot of things going on team McLaren right now but I hear they are working tirelessly to improve their game. News on GrandPrixTimes regarding their drivers and new car designs are exciting and we hope they get to the top once again.

Being an Aston Villa fansite, it is only right we talk about Aston Villa first and our match with McLaren.

Those who know about me they will know that I am a big fan of both McLaren and Formula 1 so to see my beloved Aston Villa compared to them it did put a smile on my face – until I read the description:

Had a good spell in the 90s, but now a long way away from the top of the league table‘ – As hard as it is to admit, can I really argue with that statement?

You won’t need me to remind you that we have had a difficult time of it lately and hopefully we will come out of this barren spell and emerge into a brighter future. McLaren on the other hand have lost their prize asset in Lewis Hamilton, have struggled in the F1 season this year and have hardly released a car worth challenging those at the top of the tree either.

Some other clubs worth pointing out are Manchester City’s pairing with the Bugatti Veyron – ‘Plenty of speed and a price tag to match’.

Our rivals West Bromwich Albion have been compared with the Mercedes SLS AMG, being described as ‘looks the part without the plaudits’ but I am sure their chairman would disagree with that following his statement that they are a mid-table Championship side punching well above their weight. Can anyone think of a car to match Jeremy Pearce’s description?

Recently, promoted Crystal Palace have been paired with the Caterham Seven: ‘Not the most luxurious of sports cars, new to the league, hard to predict performance’. So they have put Palace (a London side) together with a car company who is owned by city rival’s QPR owner Tony Fernandes. Maybe I am over-thinking things here.

So what do you think of the pairings? Would you change any and if so what would you change them to and why?

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  1. I can’t believe that we weren’t an Aston Martin??

    Maybe O’Neill’s departure has ruined this obvious opportunity.

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