Unexpectedness, excitement, positivity and early transfers!

Hello, my name is Jon and I am a new writer for avillafan.com. I posted on this website once before, a year ago regarding the managerial search, but have had a busy year since. I am now however going to be providing an entry every Monday.

Now, with introductions out of the way, for my first post, I just wanted to share a sense of optimism that I have, that I expect many of you share.

There is no doubt that this summer there will be a plethora of in-comings and out-goings. With our first signing; Aleksander Tonev through the door, there is an exciting sense of unexpectedness that appears to be dominating social networks at the moment. But why is there more ‘unexpectedness’ this year? This I believe to be because in the past 6/7 seasons we have not had too much to concern ourselves with in the early close-season. The summers under Martin O’Neill were spent waiting until the final month and even final week of the transfer window to find out which of the Premier League experienced, overpriced british players we were going to sign. The previous two summers, we have been looking for, and integrating new managers into our club. Now however, we have something slightly different, we now have a new manager who has got through his transitional season and is staying with us, but we haven’t just got any manager, or even just a good one who can get some good results. In Paul Lambert we appear to have a manager that brings an entirely new direction and vision for our club. This summer we have a manager who wants to get his business done early, or at least make a start on it in order to get players in for pre-season. Now, this could very well be because of the clear cut magnitude of the job that needs to be done with the squad this summer, we will have to wait till next summer to find out. But for now, the rumours are coming thick and fast, there are players, managers and even owners of football clubs speaking to the press directly about Aston Villa and in a way that gets us excited rather than nervous. There is a certain sense now inside me (and I am positive it is in most other Villa fans too) that players actively want to come to Aston Villa and when they come to Villa they are happy here. This new vision and direction that has been implemented by Paul Lambert, coupled with the Champions League final for our apparent blue-print; Borussia Dortmund, appears to have created a magnet for exciting young players with something to prove to come and work hard for us. Right now with our fantastic academy, our solid chairman, our top class training facilities, our fantastic stadium, our great fan base, our talented and hard working team and our impressive back room staff from the manager down to community coach, we have a setup which could attract some brilliant young european names. Perhaps we may not have heard of some of them before, but that should never cast doubt in one’s mind. If it does, just think Benteke.

So what kind of players are we looking at this summer? Im not going to pretend to be the first to break it that we are after bargain, young and hungry players who’s value is set to increase, and any villa fan would be able to have a good guess at the 10 players who will be let go. We already have signed a winger and every ITK (in the know) on twitter has been trying to claim first call on players like Okore, Belhanda and Luke Murphy, but will they happen? If last summer is anything to go by, we should have learnt not to believe any account on twitter with “ITK” or “Source” in their name. We also know Lambert likes to throw curve balls out to the press (e.g Defoe last summer). So without having any clue who is coming in aside from what overseas media tell us, and based on the criteria for players and the method for acquiring them that we have now apparently adopted; this certainly leaves a great feeling of unexpectedness, excitement and positivity during football’s usually barren month. Don’t you think?


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  1. Great start to the summer. Early settlement of matters shows direction and insight from the manager. PL, contrary to previous managers, seems to know where and how to lead the team. Fulham have for the last two seasons signed more than one player before anyone else signed one. Teams need to always look ahead and realize the early market potential. Most teams would wait for last minute bargains and might go too low in the priority list.
    Villa this summer have, as you rightly said, been unexpectedly exciting. Actually, the Villa needs are simple: keep Andi and Benteke, Sign two defenders, and the rest is optional. With this squad, Villa should be back in Europe. Can’t wait for the preseason to begin with a few more gems in the team. Great Job PL.

  2. Agree with all of that Khalid, we now have a root back up the ladder without doing it outside our means.

  3. Good arcticle ,well written . I too share your optimism. Hope we can sign CB up . I would like Bent and Given to stay . Must tighten that defence

  4. Agree with earlier comments. There is an air of quiet optimism amongst villa fans that just hasn’t been there since MON was here. MON came close to bringing home some silverware before his transfer dealing shortcomings done for him. I think Lambo will prove to be the better mgr in this department and I feel it’s only a matter of time before the once mighty AV from B6 achieve some real success. He puts his faith in us lets return the favour an get the claret an blue juggernaut back in full force. CABA

  5. Im new to this posting…. Been reading most days about potential deals, no matter who we want PL will decide who comes with tonev in and looks like helenius too. Cover for Tekkers or replacement only time will tell, aston villa badly need to get two CB’s in with vlaar clark and baker we are short and a LB if bennett and Stevens cant step up. get bent,ireland and given out free wages up and i think maybe a solid creative mid would keep us solid and we will watch a team bond. fergie proved it at man utd time will gel a team and anythings possible.

  6. Great to see all the optimism being felt by everyone.
    There is no doubt that PL will see this season as the start of his revolution. Last season was all about survival and whilst we certainly flirted heavily with disaster, PL was unmoved and never deviated from the line that we would not relegated.
    From the signings being confirmed and being speculated I am starting to feel an excitement that has been missing for some many years.
    I think a lot of credit and respect should also be paid to mr Lerner. Again despite incorrect reports funds are being made available and he stuck with PL when at times we were awful and pressure was being applied to him from the so called London press who love to see us struggle and fall.

    These are the scum who are now trying to engineer a move for benteke to arsenal or Tottenham. Yet what they don’t report is that these so called giants failed to spot or were unprepared to buy benteke. The great arsenal scouting team!!!!!!!!!

    Here is looking forward to a good season. Lets be realistic but anything in the top ten is a good return and the platform to forge ahead as our young lads gain the necessary experience to let us be a force and at least challenge the top six.

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