Come on, admit it: Monday was great, wasn’t it? It was also a glimpse of what could be. I always felt we were going to beat Sunderland. PDC had given Villa all the ammunition they needed and just proved he’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy. For me, we looked like we were in the mood to score goalsand we were lucky to come up against a slow defence that was overwhelmed by our attacking line.

This bodes well for the Norwich game. However, CH does like to set out his stall defensively and we have to be careful that we don’t get caught on the counter attack, a tactic which seems to work very well for ourselves at the minute.

So Benteke is breaking all sort of Premier League records for us and I think there is a real possibility that he may hit the magic 20 in the PL. This would be a welcome highlight in an otherwise disappointing season, but what were expecting from this season? Well, I remember predicting a mid-table finish, so we have come below that, but I would never have predicted a lot of our ‘bigger names’ not to show up this season. I think there can’t be any doubt that they will be gone at the end of the season.

Personally, I don’t agree with the way that Bent has been treated. I know he didn’t fit into style of play, but I do think he could have done a job for us. My concern is that next season Benteke will be a marked man and won’t be given the same level of freedom he received this season.

This means we will need to have other options available to us. PL is receiving all the plaudits now for keeping up the team with a very young squad and Lerner is receiving praise for sticking with the manager. However, I would ask what options do the club really have? Its a policy which nearly backfired. Yes I know we aren’t out of the woods just yet, but as a Villa fan I remain optimistic and the game at Norwich (as long as we beat them) will confirm our safety in my eyes.

So we need to look at building on the nucleus of a young squad. For me, our number one target should be Lescott. Yes, he is in his 30s but I think he can add some steel to our leaky defence and add the one thing we are lacking – experience. I still think we need a left back as I am not convinced about our current options. The players I have been impressed with this season have been Westwood, Delph and Sylla. Delph has had his moments, but I still believe he can do a job for us. Westwood has been outstanding and despite my initial reservation I am been greatly impressed with what I have seen from the young French man.

I really like playing Benteke, Gabby and Weimann up front but I still think we need other options up front and so maybe someone like Sinclair can do that job for us.

In the summer we need to spend well. I doubt we will have much more than 20 million to spend (including the revenue from sales). We may have gotten away with it this season, but let’s not chance it for a second season in a row. PL has done his part. Lerner, it’s over to you…


  1. Agreed, This team has the etchings of being a Dortmund 2.0 and its easy to see why as Paul Lambert has implemented there model into our club, Young hungry players who want to play and share a common goal. Paul Lambert has indeed fulfilled his end of the bargain by keeping us up if we win at Norwich and if that is the completed as expected…Then Randy Lerner has to do what has not been done in 3years and that is invest in his manager and let Paul Lambert take the club to the next step. Players like Benteke/Weimann/Delph/Gabby/Westwood/Lowton etc deserve this and we as a club cannot replay the mistakes of Doug Ellis by not pushing on when we have a great opportunity to do so.

  2. Good article have to agree with “No Nonsense” also that the club cannot make the same mistakes of the Doug Ellis Era in that we came close to pushing on but he failed to deploy the funds necessary to the managers at the time i.e. Gregory & Little. This summer will be the biggest for the club in at least 5years and with the crop of youngsters who have came through now finally realizing potential we need to get in early on that transfer market and make some waves for the new season.

  3. I agree with much of what you say in that we need to improve the squad in certain positions (another central defender for example) but I believe most, if not all, of these young players will kick on next season. We have a great team spirit and I think there is still a place for Darren Bent, who should be commended for his attitude.

    I can’t see the spending policy changing very much and maybe that’s not a bad thing. Love him or hate him, Paul Lambert has unearthed some absolute gems and the value of the existing squad has increased massively over the past 12 months. I hope we can keep this squad together and patiently move onwards and upwards.

  4. The squad has been battle hardened this year with a good cup run and forced to fight for survival which looks a mere formality, That said Randy Lerner has to give Paul Lambert at least £20m in the Summer and that’s a minimum before player sales.

    The idea of us needing to buy loads of players is non existent we simply need quality in the following areas, LB/CB/RM and CM this is more to combat the obvious sales those out of contract.

    I would be highly surprised if we don’t look towards Belgium & Holland again this summer.


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