No kneesliding on the grass.

Hands up who was honestly surprised at that result on Monday? Whilst many Villa fans would have felt that we perhaps could have got something from the Theatre of Dreams on Monday evening, many teams would have been powerless to stop Manchester United from recording their 20th league title, especially when Van Persie is in the mood! However, do not fear Villa fans, for I feel that although we lost, it was a good defeat in a way and here’s why…

Had our beloved side gone down 3-0 away at Fulham, for example, then media attention would have been focused on us and how relegation is a certainty. However, with United regaining their champions title, I believe you will be hard fetched to find a newspaper article that has placed doom upon our club. The BBC live text for the game, for example, just about remembered to put the quotes up from Paul Lambert after the game never mind comment any more on our perilous situation. Confidence too should not have been affected; after all, we drew the second half and were probably, in terms of chances created, the better team. Therefore the game can be forgotten from a Villa perspective, cast far from our minds and we can act as if it never happened and we all sat at home and watched hours of endless soaps instead.

Attention now will turn to another Monday night game and, potentially, depending on results at the weekend, a chance for Villa to take a gigantic step forward to securing their top flight status – and what better team to do it against! Many footballing fans were sceptical of Paolo Di Canio’s appointment as Sunderland boss, myself included. Nevertheless, he has proved those doubters wrong and has recorded two wins from his first three games, with two clean sheets in the last two. There is no doubt that he is an apt replacement for Balotelli in the Premier League when it comes to an entertaining and being a controversial Italian but he does have the tendency to blow his lid at any given moment without needing much encouragement and this could be a potential downfall for Sunderland in the future.

For me, Sunderland are a lot like Villa: they shouldn’t be in the position they are in with the players that they have at the club yet too many times this season the starting XI haven’t performed when it really mattered. I expect the game on Monday to be cagey from Villa’s point of view, the aim would be to keep Sunderland quiet and build from the back, keeping the ball and, most importantly, taking the chances when they inevitably come. Sunderland will be a threat and they will play with pace when it comes to the attacking with the likes of Johnson and Sessegnon, so a performance from Mr Bennett will be both needed and expected.

A win for either side will go a long way to securing survival an,d for Villa, providing that Wigan don’t beat Tottenham on Saturday afternoon, it would open up a big gap between themselves and the ever present Latics. Whatever happens on Monday night, the fan base will continue to do its club proud and I expect another near capacity crowd in B6.

Aston Villa 3-1 Sunderland
(First scorer: Gabriel Agbonlahor)




  1. I think it will be close it would be good to score a few goals but I would be happy with a scrappy win at this stage.

  2. 3-1 though possible unlikely.If any one does win 3-1 it will be sunderland.Villa ship goals in left right and centre,sunderland have been good in defence this season and your old boy cuellar has a great partnership with oshea.

    Sunderland are playing with great confidence and I can see us winning every game for the rest of the season.We are strong at the back and dangerous going forward especially counter attacks something villa will find hard to cope with being at home and in more need of the points.

    Pressure is on villa,lose and your down more than likely,sunderland can afford a defeat with two home games coming up played in front of 46k.

    Sessegnon will tear you apart,when he is in the form he is in,he’s unstoppable.

    I do hope we both stay up though,newcastle or stoke I hope to go down,

    Good luck villa

  3. Your a confident Sunderland fan. What a difference a couple of games can do. I must admit I knew when Di Canio that he would have the desired effect and keep you up. Not sure I consider him to be a longterm manager as he is likely to blow his fuse and premier league players wont stand for it. Player power and all that.

    Bit nervous about this game tbh. Not sure where Sunderland’s goals are coming from but sure we’ll gift them something. Confident that we can score twice though so going for a 2-1 win. The pressure is on us and not them. This is the best chance we’ve got to get 3 points. Hopefully players will react well to the pressure. As long as Sunderland dont score the 1st goal i think we’ll do it. Finger crossed!!!!

  4. Lambert is a fantastic manager, he’ll be getting tips off O’Neill as to how Sunderland play as well. I can see us winning this by three or four easy.

  5. Don’t know where sunderlands goals are going to come from. that’s the thing sunderland are capable of goals throughout the team were not over relliant on one player to score goals,7 or 8 of the first team are capable.

    Another thing larsons free kicks are begging to hit top form,he was awesome versus everton with hes free kicks and Monday it might come down to that.

    The pressure is on villa your right and we know it.

    Bit pathetic your managers recent comments,he’s obviously feeling the pressure lol.

  6. I feel really worried about Monday night even scared,this is our biggest chance of three points and its against a team in great confidence,deluded with the predictions.

    They will be intelligent and will pick us off on the counter. This has been my first season as a season ticket holder at villa and I have been told this is the worst it has been and I’m unlucky.

    Well if my luck continues it will be championship football,not a bad thing we would destroy that league like newcastle did and it done them no harm.

    We lose,were down simple.They on the other hand have no pressure,were going to bottle it.

  7. I’m not deluded for my prediction at all. It is my opinion, just like it is your prediction to say if we lose this game we will be down even though at worst we will be level on points with a side that we have to play last game of the season.

    Sunderland have pressure on them of course they do, they lose, us and Wigan win, the gap is down to 3 points again.

    Would be a very brave person to call it though at this stage of the season, as long as the Villa stay up that’s all I care about.

  8. Villa fans expecting to win by 3 or 4 goals? Have you been smoking pot?

    One weakness we haven’t had this season is defence. We’ve been solid, and lack of goals was our problem under MON but Di Canio seems to have a handle on that now.

    Tight game, but Sunderland win. Larsson, Graham to score for us.

  9. If we lose Monday we will be down,confidence will be gone,pressure will overwhelm the young squad we have,if we lose Monday we will lose the wigan game as they will use their experience and get out of it again.

    Relegation would not be the end of the world,it would allow us to get rid of the dead wood.We would walk the championship and that would benefit our young players.

    Sunderland don’t have pressure on them they have two home games coming up and only need three points.

    Stop the 3 and 4 nills,I hope your right but I’ll take a one nill cuellar own goal and a poor performance now.

  10. shardend are you a blues fan? SAFC; Benteke will terrorise your defence and we will win on monday. people are saying that its a straight fight between us an Wigan…really?if we beat sunderland and newcastle lose to liverpool then its all square on 37 pts. Villa are always underestimated an this will prove to be the difference. cant wait for monday night. Di Canio will regret his pisstaking of the Villa fans after the cup game against Swindon…COYL

  11. Lol poor Newcastle hahaha well done loserpool,they are in trouble newcastle.

    Fantastic for us villa.Especially boyce scoring a late own goal for wigan.

    Anyway onto Monday,going to be very hard,very hard and I’m expecting a close game.One nill either way or a draw.
    Sunderland are favourites without a doubt.They are playing superb and I worry about them on the counter attack and from dead balls.

    Newcastle are our hope now lol bye bye spewcastle.

  12. Great result for villa last night 6-1 and deserved. Doesn’t really affect sunderland with two home games coming up,winnable at that.But newcastle are in deep deep trouble.

    Out of wigan and newcastle for me now.

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