It’s getting really close now!


Well, I held back from writing until I saw the Manchester City vs Wigan and Manchester Unitd vs West Ham games. I have to say I sighed a huge sigh of relief that Wigan lost. I work with a few Man City and United fans and I told the Citeh contingent not to take Wigan lightly and, funnily enough, I thought West Ham might do United tonight. So, where does this leave us?

We are currently in 17th place (34 points GD -24) with Wigan below us on 31 points (GD -21) but, crucially, with a game in hand. We are level with both Stoke and Sunderland on 34 points, with Norwich on 35 points, Newcastle on 36 points and Southampton on 38. For me, I think Southampton are now safe as they have enough about them to be just about out of the mire.

Now, if we look at the form guide from the last six games we get an interesting picture: Southampton are the 6th in-form side with Villa 8th. Wigan are 10th. The teams in freefall are Stoke, who are bottom, Reading 19th and Norwich 18th. So what does this all mean? Well, we are still in a very precarious position. I definitely think Wigan will win their game in hand and I actually think Wigan will almost certainly do their usual Houdini act, which means either Norwich or Stoke are favourites for that last position IF the form guide continues on its current trajectory.

Essentially, I am saying that I think we will be okay but obviously the Sunderland and Wigan games will see us up or down. Have a look at the latest betting offers to see if the bookmakers agree with the form table.

Moving on, personally I was very disappointed with a point against Fulham. It’s a game we should have won but threw away (although in truth Fulham probably will have felt that should have won it). I just hope we don’t come to rue that own goal (although I don’t blame Delph).

On another note, it is great to see Stan battling on and it looks like it is a battle that he is going to win. I have a lot of time for Stan and his remission is great news for him and his family. It makes me very proud to be a Villa fan seeing the support we have shown our players.

I think this weekend is going to be a very tense affair as rarely do we get anything from Manchester United so I just hope other clubs are able to do us a favour!




  1. Reading the posts about Stan on BBC website was very moving. Got me thinking, what about make home match #19 (vs Chelsea) ‘Support Stan Day’? Sure club can put cards on seat to make big Support Stan image, fans buy/wear Support Stan T-shirts to raise more money for Leukemia Research. Seems fitting against Chelsea too, as it was it just before that game last season the news broke and Stan was at game before starting treatment.

    What do you think?

  2. ExPatPieEater-nice touch mate fair play. Andy Lochead- that sounds great something definitely needs to be done to mark the occasion for Stan. Now Man U what can you say? Worst record between 2 teams that have been in the same league over a 20 year period! If we come away with a point it will be incredible but just keeping our dignity in tact will be a bonus!! God bless Stan CABA

  3. Hoping Aston Villa manage to at least get a point away to Manchester United on Monday, it’s going to be a really tough game; however this current Villa team is unpredictable. Great to hear that Petrov is recovering well 🙂

  4. Good to see stan is getting there puts everything into perspective. Like B7AV said if we can’t get anything Monday, if we can least come away having our dignity in one piece I am happy with that. Going to be a rollercoaster of emotions hope we succeed!

  5. There’s been a massive fire down our way pretty much bang in between VP an the sty. I can see Villa Park from my house an it’s bathed in sunshine. The wind has blown the smoke to small Heath an it’s dark smoke that way. I’m takin that as an omen! Gods on our side lads! CABA

  6. Thomas wood: is that Harry potter? All I know is the sty is where all the pigs are happy to roll around in shit all day!! Apparently Blues we’re worried about the fire spreading to their ground an destroying it cos where are they gona find 500 quid to rebuild it? Keep the faith CABA

    • No Mordor is out of Lord of the Rings it’s where the orcs come from striking resemblance to the blues fans!

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