It has been a nervy couple of weeks with regards to fixtures against fellow strugglers Reading & QPR but the players & club have shown their true character.

It has been a while since I wrote an article, I apologise to any followers expecting me to be positive over this period.

I have to say, I have always been positive about Villa & our survival in the league since Paul Lambert came in as manager. Even when we went on that terrible run, I still backed Lambert & the young lads even though those around me wanted rid of the manager.

Since that amazing second half performance against Newcastle, Aston Villa have pushed on as a team. The young lads such as Westwood, Lowton, Benteke & Weimann have improved with every game.

I have to admit I am not the biggest Barry Bannan fan but over the last two games he has kept his gameplay simple. He is no longer looking for the Hollywood pass & arguing with players on the field of play.

Sylla has been dumped into the deep end since Delph was suspended for his 10th yellow card of the campaign, but the young Frenchman has performed very well & I feel Delph might find it difficult to get past what seems to be a promising inform midfield.

Massive credit has to go to Brad Guzan. The American was re-signed by Lambert in the summer & has been nothing short of breathtaking so far in this campaign. I will go on record saying this: if it wasn’t for Guzan’s amazing performances this season, we surely would be going down. Brad has to be fans’ player of the season for sure.

The players have improved because of one person, Paul Lambert. He went in with a vision, which has seen the old guard hardly see any playing time at all. A risky view to some but to others it was the right choice. Players such as Bent, Ireland & Given (just to name a few) should be looked upon by these young lads for guidance & leadership. Instead, their lacklustre performances have just frustrated Lambert & the fans.

Villa have conceded early goals in recent games, but fans cannot fault the effort of the lads to try & get a result .

Lambert has kept faith with his young lads & many feel six points in our last remaining games will be enough to see Villa in the Premier League & reek the benefits of the new television deal.

In these last remaining fixtures, we need every fan at Villa Park & at the away fixtures. We need to roar our lads to victory as we did at Reading & against QPR. As the title says, we’re Aston Villa & we will fight till the end!

Listen to me discuss Villa’s 3-2 victory over QPR with Talksport’s Stan Collymore: Call Collymore (16.3.13)


  1. As long as they keep fighting until the end at least if we are relegated we can say they gave it their best shot, but just weren’t good enough.

  2. We should be looking upwards in the table now not much between us and team in 12th I know the goal difference is bad but could still finish the season in a decent place to set up for next season people say we have Liverpool,Utd and Chelsea to come but we also play Fulham,Sunderland,Stoke,Wigan,Norwich all of which we should have a good chance of getting 3 points onwards and upwards from now on!

  3. things are looking much more positive now,still some work to do though but you can see the light at the end of the tunnel now, early days yet but qpr and reading looked doomed but you never know,the other team for me is Sunderland just look at their next 4 fixtures man utd home Chelsea away Newcastle away everton home don’t really see them getting anything maybe a point at Newcastle if they are lucky, but we need to keep pushing on now for those last few points needed to make us safe, cant wait for the Liverpool game bet VP will be rocking, lets do em again !

  4. good article fella.I have to agree on Lambert i never gave up on him to the point of falling out with fellow villa fans down the pub post match! Even if we do end up with the R word i will stick with him cos i really think there is somethin about the guy.The crowd was electric against qpr i aint celebrated a goal so much in years as i did when Benteke netted. Lost my iphone. We will be fine cos WE ARE ASTON VILLA WE FIGHT TO THE END….


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