What a difference a win makes! I have to admit when I saw Baker score that freak goal I really thought our heads were going to drop and we would be in real trouble. However, we kept our heads up and got the goals we needed. It has to be said that once again we appeared to ride our luck somewhat but we held on. That is the key element for us – holding on to games when we have the advantage.

So now comes another six pointer against QPR. I am not sure if anyone has done the stats on this, but I am sure we don’t have a great record against Harry Redknapp’s teams. I don’t know what it is with him but he does seem to hold a hoodoo over us. This is of course the opporunity for us to go and get a result against a quickly improving team.

I saw it mentioned on another blog that if the season had started from when Harry took over QPR would have been 9th but I am sure we can all come up with similar sort of stats.

So how do we play this game? Both clubs will be painfully aware that they can’t afford to lose the game. Howeve,r QPR need to win this game more than us. I do now think that Reading are down. I don’t think they have a strong enough squad and, now they have sacked their manager, it is one hell of an ask for someone to come in and turn things around. If we do manage to win, then I think it is between Southampton, Sunderland, Wigan and QPR as to who joins Reading.

If we lose? Well, then I think it is going to be an unpleasant end to the season. I think we will have to rely on teams playing worse than us.

Out of the chasing pack I really do think Harry has got it in him to save QPR and if he does pull it off then fair play; it will be a Wigan type miracle and you can never discount Wigan. But for me, despite their Everton result, they don’t look like they have momentum behind them. Then again, if they win their next league game they are right back in it.

We have some very tough games coming up but we also have some very winnable games. I hope the fans back the club at home and I would like to think we will get a bumper crowd for QPR.

What do I think the result will be? I think I will go for 2-2. Both clubs are prone to leaking goals but are also capable of scoring them, so that means whoever can control the midfield will probably go on to win but I don’t necessarily think either team has strong midfields.

It will be another nail-biter and I really hope we can continue to put some space between us and the surrounding pack of clubs.

If we do survive this season then I do think we have a strong platform to build from.



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