The game started brightly for the visiting Villans, as Benteke strode past the static Heitinga to slide a shot past Howard from an Agbonlahor cross.

The home side had two quick chances to equalise, as Fellaini shot just wide of Guzan’s right post before the Villa keeper patted down an effort by Anichebe.

Benteke continued to threaten and had a shot deflected just before Everton equalised, thanks to Anichebe, who turned Clark and fired the ball in with his left foot.

Heitinga was having an afternoon to forget: after a corner was only partially cleared, Agbonlahor outjumped the Dutch international to head home at the far post.

After the break, the Dutchman attempted to head the ball but instead connected with Jagielka.

Fellaini then collided with Guzan before Villa had a great chance to net their third goal of the afternoon but Weimann blazed the ball over the bar with only Howard to beat.

Some clever passing saw Weimann make amends as he enabled Lowton to send Benteke a curling cross, which the Belgian nodded in at the near post.

Home fans booed the departures of Mirallas and Heitinga – for very different reasons – but Moyes’ changes seemed to have the desired effect.

Fellaini enjoyed some clever exchanges with Anichebe before shooting a return pass past Guzan, with the aid of a minor deflection.

With Villa set for a much-needed win, Fellaini inflicted more misery, with his header in the third minute of injury time ensuring that the spoils were shared.

The Villans will be devastated with the result, having been the better team for 70 minutes this afternoon, posing plenty of problems for the Toffees and proving threatening on the counter-attack. In the end, it was poor defending from Baines’ late corner that allowed Fellaini to score, showing the need for more work on set pieces at Bodymoor ahead of the visit of West Ham to Villa Park next Sunday.


  1. Well done boys and PL. The point was a hard one and we dug in, yes we all knew that the equaliser was coming and I would have bet my house on that happening. Everton away and we drew is good, we performed well and if we carry on playing that way then we will create our own luck. I would also like to say F**k off to those fans who condemn us week in and out.. you can only p*ss with the todger you have and we are certainly doing that under PL, he is a good man and the team are grafting. Yes we all feel frustrated and there is sod all luck for us, but we all know what needs to be done. UTV and UP the true and realistic fans who support what we have and not we want. Any Mug can support teams like man u and all the rest of the glory hunters, but it takes a real fan to put up with the hurt every week, i applaud Wigan fans and RM as an example. West Ham on Sat, we are going to hurt them….

  2. blimey stu t. you applaud wigan fans? most of them probably didn’t even support wigan before they got in the prem. how can you be so positive after that? yes it was a good performance, but the fact we crumbled was so utterly predictable. why on earth would you bring on Sylla – a man with no top division experience whatsoever – at such an important and high-pressure moment. agbolahor was doing a good job – i dont think he was injured – and he is more used to defending than n’zogbia and definitely wouldn’t have given away that free kick at the end. that said, it was a good point in reality, benteke’s second was a thing of beauty.

  3. Well lets face it Sambo, they have and still face what we have endured of late on a weekly basis. That wast point, that takes something surely mate??

  4. Bloody stupid defending cost us again, sickening. Get it sorted, can’t you, Lambert? Good point or 2 chucked away? Could come back to haunt us.

  5. i think we need to be realistic i thought we would get stuffed yesterday by everton anyone would have taken a point and got back on the coach to brum.
    we need to take this point kick on and beat west ham !!

  6. Clark and Bennett are what’s letting the club down at the moment; particularly Clark who has more premier league experience. The midfield and attack are beginning to gel and create chances. We’re scoring goals and look more confident but again it is the set piece and for me Clark and Bennett look too vulnerable at the back. They are both going to be good players but right now, the experience and leadership of Dunne would solve all of our problems. Lambert did not buy an experienced CD which I was surprised about. A loan signing of an experienced CD would have been more beneficial than Dawkins. Despite Sylla being a league 2 outfit, i still excited about the steel he might bring to the club. What hurts the most is the fact that this is the third or fourth match where we have been so close to taking the three points. Those three wins would undoubtedly have us out of the drop zone however on a positive note, it is exciting under lambert. He’s certainly making his mark, we are improving and I love his attitude. he is upbeat and positive and can accept criticism unlike Mcleish who is already blaming the board at Forest. I love aston villa football club and i like your comments stu about dedication to your team. UTV xx

  7. I thought we actually looked like a real team out there! Still all 3 goals conceded were poor on our part, but all 3 we scored we great especially benteke’s second! That was great play. Again I think just as with the west brom game (I think) the officials added on too much extra time and it cost us 3 points. If we can play like this aga
    isnt west ham then I’m actually hopfull of 3 points 🙂

  8. I agree we are feeling the backlash of the loss of ‘King Carlos’ – to inept at defending at the back man for man – time to switch to zonal marking ? ? ?

  9. This ssn was always gona be a roller coaster ride. If we can just stay up I can see great things for this young team. If we go down then so be it. Won’t stop me bein 100% behind Aston Villa. We can turn this around. Wanna know why? Cos we are ASTON VILLA

  10. A really good point made by Stu T, what some fans seems to forget is that we are in the process of restructuring the club, yes there will be highs and lows (more lows at the moment agreed) however please be patient.

    PL`s mandate when he took over was to REDUCE the wage bill which he has done, YES it was a little too fast but now its done so we just have to get on with it. All we are lacking at this present time is experience at the back, Vlaar has experience yes, but not premier league experience.

    Any news on when Dunne is back ?

  11. Heard from a very good source that Dunnies injury problems are pretty much fake. His problems lie in the way he uses his spare time ; ) usually spot on info

  12. care to elebarate? like out on the town kinda thing?? i hope hes not just fucking around, we need him badly he must be able too see that! A defender of his statute is what we need, yet if he hasnt been playing its gunna take him the rest of the season to get back into things anyway. i think we are just gunna have to go with the ladz we have, id be surprised if Dunne makes it back now at all. 🙁

  13. As Raymond T says just a rumour bout Dunnie but I would be willing to put money on it. It’s also the reason Collins left the club. The kind of players we been cryin out for. Still we are what we are now an you can’t fault the effort of the young lads. We just need to keep backing them an the manager cos they sure as hell need us right now.


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