Fight or Flight


I have been in a quandary as to how best write this article today. One hand I find myself genuinely worried about our plight this season. Even under he who shall not be named, I never felt we would be relegated. I was consoled in the fact that there are teams worse than us and so that proved to be true in the end. However the other side of me says continue to back Paul. It is this sort of terrible period which can help to build a managers resolve and of course what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger so the saying goes. Even Ferguson has a terrible couple of seasons and so hence the title fight or flight.

Lerner has come out and publicly backed the manager. He had to do this really as we couldn’t afford another manager and I guess it all went wrong straight after we made the statement regarding the Liverpool game. For me the writing had been on the wall in that we just gave the opposition too many chances with the ball and any half decent side would take their opportunity and put us to the sword. However if Lerner is really going to back his manager, he needs to back him in the market and as of yet this hasn’t happened. Although currently we may be close to signing our first player from a struggling lower league French team. I hope he turns out to be an inspired signing, but there is also the danger of doing the bare minimum and  risking everything on that decision.

I guess I really can’t make my mind up. Those of you who regularly read my articles will know that I have usually been vocal in my support for the status quo but it is becoming harder and harder. We need to continue to support the team because I do believe that the players will learn from this experience and we will see the benefits of this approach in future seasons, we just need to get through this one.

I think for me the Bradford game hurt the most because we had a glimmer of hope in getting some silverware and really if it wasn’t this season, I would have expected us to go on and beat Swansea (no offence to Swansea fans). However Swansea is a great example of how to run a football club as they have a very savy chairman who understands the nature of the EPL. Randy doesn’t have that and so he has to listen to his advisor’s and that for me is part of the problem. He simply hasn’t had some very good advice. I do wonder whether we need a director of football. The manager still chooses the transfers but a true DoF should advise the chairmen and help him to make informed decisions.

What ever happens it is going to come to the last couple of games and our team needs us even more than now. If we can survive this, then we will be a lot better for it. Our expectations have been managed, but time is running out. Come on Paul and Villa, shows you are there for the fight before the fans set flight.


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