Lerner has spoken of his support for Paul Lambert in a statement to the Villa fan base:

The American Chairman has been quoted saying:

“In the time that I’ve come to know Paul what is clear above all else is his strength of character and belief in his approach to football. Fortunes can shift quickly in this game and a sense that one has it right can become grave doubt in a matter of a few games.

The Villa Board knew that with Paul we would begin to address the Club’s multi-year lack of competitive stability by reshaping the squad with seven new signings in the summer. It has been rewarding at times this season although certainly frustrating as well, particularly recently.

During January Paul and the Board have discussed a variety of players although nothing has yet materialised, which I know also can be frustrating as fresh players always give at least a sense of progress and optimism.

Finally, and on a very personal note, I would reiterate that Paul has achieved success at many levels of professional football and I believe, given support, he will continue to do so for us.”


With Lerner addressing fans, will this help reduce the tension between the fans & the club?

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  1. I am sure for some it will be a resounding NO!, unless prior to February we have succeeded in bringing one-or-two in. But for me it is a a welcome reminder that the chairman is alive and well.

    from an easily appeased Villa Fan

  2. Whatever it was Lerner and Lambert were trying to do, has failed. To now continue along exactly the same course will test Aston Villa Football Club to destruction.

  3. I dont believe that true Villa fans question Paul Lamberts dedication however if we are to remain a premiership side he must be given the financial backing thus giving some back bone to our very promising youngsters. I dont believe the manager is to blame for our current plight perhaps Mr Lerner should look closer to home and give him the support he needs before it is to late.

  4. I always believe actions speak louder than words.

    I have said all along – if we get relegated this season the fans will turn on the board before Lambert IMO.

  5. The statement doesn’t really answer any questions. No mention of the austerity measures imposed on the club. The failure to replace the talented players we had before. The change in direction after the MON years from Europe to survival. He mentions the summer signings. Is Randy telling us Bowery, Bennett, Vlaar, Lowton are better than what we had before? I know PL signed these players but he can only do his best with the cash available. Randy just isn’t prepared to plow large amounts into the club any more. If you want to survive in the Premier league you have to be prepared to spend just to maintain your position. It says it all when we are crying out for at least a central midfielder and a commanding centre half and there is zero movement. All you get off the board nothing has yet materialised! This is our Prem future we are talking about! Get it done before we go down

  6. some good points but to be honest i blame both,no correction all 3 being the board the manager and some of the players, the owner/board as were are in a situation were we need some experienced new blood in the team to steady the ship,i blame the manager as we are still leaking goals from set pieces,just how many goals do we have to concede before the manager decides to get the team organised to stop the rot,and finally i get the impression that some of the team just cant be arsed, some of them IMO are taking the money but not giving there all,like others on here i really hope we can survive but if we don’t so be it,i am villa i have always been villa,and will continue to be regardless of whatever league my club is in

  7. Suuport4stan, I think there are certain players who don’t show enough. I have already mentioned Ireland being the number 1 culprit. I don’t want to see him in a Villa shirt again. The team is pretty much spineless but we are missing experience and the 2 positions I mentioned earlier are really the bare minimum we need. This is what happens when you throw a group of youngsters together. I think it’s a combination of poor management by Lambert at times and Randy Lerner being totally clueless at running a Prem club. He needs to bring in someone like Graham Taylor as director of football. He knows the club in and out and certainly wouldn’t put up with what’s happening at the moment. We need some experienced heads at the club.

  8. Feel helpless watching from abroad but would have been livid watching the two cup defeats despite the cups’ marginalization. We seem to be banking on the fact there are three teams worse than us. Such passivity is soul destroying. Lets pray we stay up and can take a robust stand against relegation next year.

  9. Aston Villa championship winners 2013/2014….. I think this is the best we can hope for now by the looks of Lerner and co’s vision for the clubs future. Does Lerner expect us to be reassured by this little statement which he prob never wrote anyway? I dont think he realises what our history means to the fans. We can only hope that the situation we are in is in preperation for selling the club and we survive the season god help us

  10. Randy won’t sell the club even if we do stay up or even go down. If you look at it, the value of the club would drop massively if we were to drop, tv money and the outgoing wages combined in the short term would be huge. I also can’t see him penny pinching on players in January on the off chance we will survive, so he can sell to a phantom sheikh in the summer. Next season the new tv money kicks in so he would be more inclined to stay to get a slice of that pie and recoup some of the money he has put in if we do survive. I think he is looking longterm and to him, if we do go down, he will be thinking we can bounce straight back. He will be aware of the tv money but he is also aware of the asset of the club, take Newcastle as an example. If Mike ashley sold the club when they dropped he would of lost a fortune but he was thinking longterm. Randy is our chairman and he will be for some time yet. If you look at it, a consortium that bought Coventry were interested in us but Doug said no. Take a look at the state they are in! The grass isn’t always greener.

  11. I see a lot of people criticising lambert for signing the likes of Bowery, Bennett, vlaar and Lowton, and asking are they better than what we had before. Totally agree with the statements with regard to Bowery and Bennett, but when we signed vlaar we were signing an international starter with the team at the time ranked 3rd in the world. A lot of things this season have been PL’s fault, but signing vlaar looked like a safe signing, and until his injury he looked a good player, it’s since he come back he’s looked awful. And I think people are picking the lower league named from a hat, because give the boy credit, Lowton has been one of the better players this season. The myriad of goals we concede come down the useless joe Bennett/ Eric lichaj side.

    I will end on this note. Criticising the players at the moment is something every true villa fan should be doing as in general they aren’t earning the right to wear the shirt. But don’t criticise them just because we signed them from a league 1 club, do it on merit of their performances. To that end, let’s criticise the useless trio of Eric lichaj, joe Bennett and Barry f***ing bannan.

  12. P.s. to answer the question, I think Lowton is better than what we had before and I think Benteke is better than what we had before (Hutton and Heskey). And I’ll admit I prefer to see Westwood on the team sheet than a certain Scottish midget. Those 3 exceptions aside, no it’s far worse than what we had before. Maybe we should convince the board at Newcastle that Bennett is French, then they would definitely give us money to take him off our hands!

  13. KPR, what about Stephen Ireland? He probably earns more in a week than Bennett, Lichaj and Bannan combined. Yet those players have done more than that useless midget has in his whole time at Villa.

  14. Lambert has replaced one problem with another…the young players he bought in are NOT good enough (benteke apart, and he will go when we GO DOWN), and these replaced more senior players who gave up the ghost when MON left, or have NEVER played well for the club. Ireland, bannon, delfouneso nzogbia,bent,and some of the ‘kids’ lol like herd and albrighton and even clark might as well go too. This lot just ain’t gonna stay up, we will be lucky not to finish bottom. And lambert has to take SOME of the blame!!

  15. ps…who says we will ‘bounce straight back up’ ????? seen how wolves and blues and bolton and blackburn are doing???

  16. Your right robb , not just them few either , going back a few more likes of Oldham , it’s not a sure thing you’ll bounce back nowadays . So many thought they would . Tonight is massive for you .

  17. PL need to go now and sorry to say so has RL

    RL has obviously lost all interest in the club and PL is tactically a shocking manager cant can’t organise defensively.
    how can PL and his mumbling motivate any team let alone a team full of kids that have lost all confidence!

    I don’t see anyway of survival now, especially now Randy has said there’s no money


  18. We so much needed three points ,and he sat back with five ,and asked Newcastle to rip us to pieces . Proved this in second half . He has to go .

  19. Ummm im pretty sure Lambert will be in charge next season too, even if we are relegated. Randy has spent alot of money in the past whether u acknowledge it or not, and i like the idea of what he is trying to do, build a young team up so we can gel together and not rely on money for points. However, we do need a miildfeilder desperatly, right now i would be happy to take Diame from the Hammers. The fact is that no matter what rantings fans give Randy has made up his mind (at least for now) and is gunna stick with Paul through thick and thin. We can still turn it around and i got a feeling that if we can avoid the drop, next season will be very rewarding.

  20. Look at the fixtures left. We are going down, maybe bottom. Most of these ‘young players’ aren’t good enough to be part of a long term plan. We are hardly talking about sterling,shaw,ox- chamb,walcott,welbeck or cleverley here, are we!!!! #goingdown


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