Defeat to Millwall tonight has capped a woeful week for all those in claret and blue.

Villa looked nervy from the off but a recalled Bent put the visitors ahead in the 22nd minute with a miskick after Weimann had forced Forde to make a save.

The lead did very little to settle the Villa nerves and a corner soon saw Shittu heading on to the roof of Given’s net. The dodgy Villa defence learnt no lessons from this near miss and, five minutes later, Millwall equalised through their captain, who headed home past Given.

Villa continued to make errors that school boys would be ashamed of but went into the break at 1-1.

At the start of the second half, the home side were dominant and continued to test Villa through set pieces, with Feeney firing just wide from a corner.

The game was then brought to a halt by Millwall fans, who lobbed bottles from the stands. Even their own players’ pleading and animated hand gestures weren’t enough to stop them and five minutes were wasted.

Shittu did a much better job of marshalling his back line than Vlaar did and the game seemed set to end in a draw until Marquis nodded home a rebounded shot from Smith to put the home side 2-1 up with mere minutes of normal time left.

Villa, looking very much like a team on its knees, could do nothing in the six added minutes and left the pitch to loud booing, jeering and hand gestures that your granny wouldn’t approve of.



  1. Hardly surprised by this result after tuesday night! Relegation now looks a certainty with a manager out of his depth and playing squad which will struggle to adapt to life in the championship villa look dead and burried! kro!

  2. Doesn’t matter if we get rid of PL the players are crap. A new manager won’t be able to bring in 5 or 6 players and offload the crap in a few days.

    Should have spent a few quid at the start of the month before games like Southampton etc and we may have picked a few more points up and be in a cup final.

    Can’t blame anyone other than the manager for this has he has chosen the path.

    Good night god bless Aston Villa. What a waste of a good football club. Newcastle will smash them this week.

  3. im begining to loose words to say, as well as hope to hold on to…. cmon ladz pick it up! and this is my first time realy having a go at Lambert, but i mean cmon man… over 30 games in all competitions and we still are conceading from corners and free kicks… sort it out Paul!!

  4. i too am becoming lost for words.
    stay in the premier league ?
    this shower would struggle to stay in the championship.
    very recent results confirm this.
    i too have lost patience.
    pl is to blame.
    i did not think it could get any worse than last season but it has !
    pl has signed players who are just not good enough and his lack of movement in the transfer window is silly.
    if rl has said no more players in during the transfer window then he has signed the clubs death warrant.
    i agree with brainfry i have now lost all hope.
    we are down !!!!!

  5. We are the worst premiership team ever no defence no creativity and wasteful up front add the fact we have no heart or fight and its shocking. Aston villa are in freefall and we will not only be relegated this season but next season too. Our amazing decline has been caused by theol owners savage austerity measures he is intent on running the club on the cheap. But we all know if you pay peanuts you only get monkeys and we have a team fullbof them. Thanks for nothing Randy sell up and go home uou are as popular with Villa fans as a turd in a swimming pool.

  6. I was glad we were knocked out last given our league position
    A win or even a draw Tuesday night and we are back in the fight

  7. Was there last night ,absolute disgrace . No commitment ,no effort . They just don’t care . What about the 1500 of us that braved the elements and the thugs . What is PL doing in training . . ..? Another corner .another goal . Yes learner is not interested ,but what’s lambert doing .

  8. The warning signs about our defence was there to see back in September when we were battered by Southampton.
    I was a Lambert fan but i now fear he is out of his depth and acting like a frightened rabbit in headlights.
    Canary man you are dead right but be warned you lot are on a bad run and are being sucked in.
    As for the noses on this sight i suggest you go back to reading your beano and dandy comics.

  9. If we had had what norwich had with PL, that being the chance to start off with this current lot in league 1 and work up to the premier league maybe they would have built up the grit they need to be competitive. It was the league climb that galvanised norwich and the reason they have adapted. Unfortunately, you just can’t build a team like this in the top flight, they were always going to get massacred. We do have a few good players, but the joe bennetts, Barry bannans and Eric lichajs of this world seem to be a bad joke being played on the club.

    Obviously I’m hoping that by some miracle we beat the drop, although I am increasingly losing faith, but in some ways this team needs confidence which they will only get by stringing some wins together, and that just isn’t going to happen in the premier league. We’re stuck with the lot we have, so as bad as it is we have to support this bunch of clowns.

    As I’m already mentally prepping myself for next seasons championship season, I’m just wondering what the chances are of keeping Benteke and Weimann, because for me they are the only positives I can draw from a dire, dire season.

    P.s. anyone else fancy joining me on a business trip to India? I’m going to ask Venkys if they want to swap clubs. That Randy is what I think of you.

  10. P.p.s. is it just me who thinks if we had convinced solskjaer to become manager we would be in a much better position right now?

  11. We need stability and sacking Lambert will not help. Every club goes through bad times, Newscastle, Swansea, Sunderland, Norwich, Leeds etc. In stead of constantly belittling the club, players and manager lets us get behind a very young inexperienced team and give them our 100% support.

  12. Kpr ,that was the man needed .last night we were outclassed by championship side. Clarke also is out of his depth. Bents goal was a mis kick. We’re a shambles


    • Lambert said he wanted to take club in a new direction,yeh straight to the championship.he has wasted most of the money spent.bennet and lowton are championship players.lambert and Lerner are destroying our great club.

  14. I have said it before and I will say it again, we don’t need the distraction of a cup when the league is our priority. Yesterday was no surprise to me and yet another goal conceded from a corner, it is laughable. Selling Collins was a huge mistake imo. Clark is not up to the job, Vlaar needs a solid partner. Another player I have a major gripe with is Stephen Ireland. What is his purpose at the club? He has been stealing a living here far too long. I would glady get Reo Coker back, at least he had heart and showed he actually cared. What about Makoun? He is surely better than what we have. I think the mentality of the club changed when Mcleish was appointed. It was like the remit went from Europe to survival. It’s been downhill ever since.

  15. i agree with avfc84 i always thought Collins was a big defender for us literally, and i have no idea why nobody has picked the phone up and bought reo coker back to the club,at least he used to get stuck in,and as for Ireland he frustrates the life out of me because you know he has got the talent but to me he is idle and wont raise his game,i really think he likes sitting on the bench,getting his 30/40k a week or however much he gets, for just training every day, he brings nothing to the team.
    i am hoping now we are out of the cups so no distractions, we are at the last chance saloon in the league,regardless of whos fault all this mess is i think we have got what we have got and we need to support the team to the hilt,come the end of season if we stay up that’s great if we go down nobody can say we didn’t support our team to the max.

  16. Support4stan, Ireland earns around 70,000 a week! It’s unbelievable a player who earns so much does so little. He is the one who annoys me the most, no passion, coasting every time he plays. You can guarantee he will be at the club until his contract expires. Who else would be prepared to pay the guy that much? With the money he’s on he should be one of our most influential players. This is what’s rotten with the club at the moment. People like Collins and Warnock were forced out and look who we have left? People seem to forget, when we had those 2 in the team we had one of the best defensive records in the league, when we just missed out on Champions League football a few seasons ago. Far too much change too quickly and it clearly shows on the pitch.. It would be great if we could get Milner back on loan. He is the sort of player we need. It won’t happen though.

  17. Our Saviour is Roberto DiMatteo.
    That is if the bloke at the top has the balls to appoint him.
    . . . it’s as simple as that.

  18. some good points,just really sad to see our great club with a very proud history spiraling out of control. the manager, board, owner, and some of the players seem to lack any urgency or concern for the situation we are in.
    another thing that really concerns me is when something goes wrong you learn from it and put things right,how many goals have we conceded from set pieces and still it happens,and other teams are aware of this and exploit your weaknesses.
    i really hope i am wrong but i cant see a way out of this only relegation
    fingers crossed

  19. I was there last night and I know this doesn’t help,but that one one of the worse premiership sides I’ve seen. There seemed little will for the fight which was needed in your situation. That was far from our best side with a lad from the bench/reserves playing up front,who in fact scored the winner. Think it’s going to be a long run in for you,but good luck.

  20. support4stan, I totally agree. The set piece situation is just unbelievable. It is up to the manager to put it right. The odd situation where you leak a goal can happen but not every single match we play. I hope Dunne gets match fit soon. We need some organisation in the back 4. I liked PL philosophy when he took the job, you know, Go out and try and win games, expansive football etc etc. There is no point doing that if you are 2 or 3 down at half time. We don’t have the players to come back from that. He is a naive manager and his managerial experience has been exposed this season. I want to back him but it’s a results business.. Here’s hoping for a miracle Tuesday. UTV

  21. Way to go Ringsteas villan! That’s the spirit! Stand by ur team through thick and thin !!! We villans need to stick together through these difficult times. NEVER ABANDON UR TEAM! We get relegated? So what !!! I get relegated too!!! And I know Ringstead villan and others will be right there with me.

  22. Admire the original sentiment, California but can’t agree with the ‘We get relegated? So what?’ bit. So many implications, none positive. Relegation could lead us down the slippery slope to oblivion. No guarantees down there

  23. we,re in 52 million pounds worht of debt , if we go down this season well do a leads or a bradford or an oldham or even a fucking luton

  24. If we go down it’s a disaster. If there wasn’t so much money in the game you could regroup and come back. The losses will be massive especially as the new tv money kicks in next season. The problem is other huge teams have been relegated and they are stuck. Leeds, Sheff Wed even Coventry. Once the rot sets in it’s so difficult to get back. If we go down we have to take heart that Newcastle managed to bounce back with relative ease. These are really tough times but even if we played in the Blue Square I would support them. The team you choose, you support for life. We are not down yet and we are not rock bottom and cast adrift. We need to keep the faith and hope the players and management can scrape enough points together to see us through. I think the final points tally for survival will be around 38 points. A win on Tuesday and confidence will go up. UTV

  25. Well said avfc84, “the team u choose u support for life.” I don’t want us to get relegated. It’s the last thing I want. But I’m just saying, IF WE DID…… I’m going down w them. I for one believe we r going to avoid relegation somehow. I really believe this. Our luck has to change. UTV! VTID!

  26. Perhaps ur right Raymond T, I shouldn’t have said ” so what”. That’s a negative implication that I didn’t intend to convey . But I’ve made my position quite clear. I’m villa til the day I die.

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