‘Alex, You’re a T***’

‘Alex, You’re a T***’ was the chant raining down from the Holte End yesterday after yet another inept performance by the boys in Claret and Blue.

The media built the game up to be the ‘Return of Martin O’Neill’, but to most down to earth Villa fans it was just another game – and one we needed to win.

With four home wins all season, Alex McLeish is in very real danger of getting the record for our worst EVER home form and following our draw against Sunderland, Tuesdays fixture against Bolton has become a must win one at that.

A victory for either side would have been a generous result, in a game that saw former Villa midfielder and brother of Gary, Craig Gardner see red in injury time.

The home side could have taken the lead just 60 seconds in when stand in captain Gabriel Agbonlahor charged down Simon Mignolet’s clearance.

Andreas Weimann was first to react but Mignolet was able to get back and turn aside the Austrians chip.

Weimann was soon brought down by Michael Turner, and could of easily seen red but on an afternoon of strange decisions from the officials it wasn’t to be.

Villa lost both Agbonlahor and James Collins to injury and the ever growing casualty list gets longer and longer at Villa Park.

O’Neill’s Sunderland side did manage to put the ball in the net courtesy of Nicolas Bentdner but the linesman had judged it to be offside – something which was prooven to be wrong by television replays.

As I already said, a draw was probably the fairest of results but at a period of the season that Aston Villa need a victory – there just didn’t seem to be enough urgency.

I believe that Stephen Ireland should be used more as he looks the most likely to produce that killer pace but his calls for the ball seem to go on deaf ears as we prefer to try and get down the wings – only to be disappointed by the end ball.

We now take on Bolton Wanderers on Tuesday in a must win game. You may be missing the Barcelona v Chelsea game if you do take the trip to Villa Park – but they need the fans more than ever right now so get yourself down there!




  2. It did show the keepers handball out the box. To be fair to the keeper it may not have even crossed the line on closer inspection. It was never a red card, (as much as i wanted it to be). I think the ref should have booked him though. Deliberate hand ball is a bookable offence and seen as thought the ref penalised him, he should have booked him.

  3. what a marvellous set of supporters we are aren’t we, abusing our manager at every opportunity.I for one am embarassed by this disgusting behaviour – you are a disgrace if you condone this.

    How do you think any other manager would feel kmowing that our fans are a bunch on c*nts? Trust me we will get the manager we deserve out of this eg Sven/McCarrthy/Megson. If I was Lerner I would sell up and go somewhere where I’m appreciated and where there is a bit of respect.

  4. Got to ask if the people writing this account and those that are commenting and slagging the fans off are actually fans themselves, did they even attend the game??

    The chant was clearly Martin you’re a twat and not Alex!!

    • Was you at the game?

      I’m a season ticket holder in Upper Holte.

      They sung about Martin first and then onto Alex. Really should get your facts right before trying to correct someone.

  5. @VTID…Before you start to put down others, please make sure you get the facts right and clearly you didn’t go to the game either. They started singing Martin, and as soon as that finished, they started singing Alex. Enough said.

  6. Disgusting behavior these fans are as embarrasing as our season! we really are becoming a laughing stock on and off the pitch….

  7. Only because tht useless twat is in charge! He’s a drain on the club and us fans the quicker he is gone the better! Are we jus suppose to accept this !! Look at the idiots record in EPL won 15 games out of 71 nuff said! He is muppet roll on 6th may and we will show him what we think of him!!

  8. We play for a draw,
    We play for a draaaaww,
    We’re Aston Villa and we play for a Draw`!!

    haha love the holte end!!

  9. The only thing that is disgusting is the fact we have a chairmen and manager with no clue, any villa will what mcleish out with his record, sorry lads but I might be seen you at Watford on a cold tuesday, villa till I die.

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