Another Protest: McLeish & Faulkner Out!


I received an email from Chris at ‘McLeish Out‘ last night, stating that they intend to try and get another protest going at the next home game against Chelsea.

Agree with it or not, he is just someone that is trying to make something happen because he cares just like me and you.

Here is what the email said:

How much longer can this go on? Another woeful performance from McLeish’s Villa. Was there any point in even turning up?

He has now had 29 games, we have won 7! We are 15th in the table and ARE in a RELEGATION battle. Look at our remaining fixtures, do you really see us picking up many more points under the current manager?

Not only do we feel it is time to again protest against the manager but now it is also time to target a certain Mr Paul Faulkner.
The man that has overseen the worst managerial appointment at Villa Park in 25 years. Since he has been appointed CEO of Aston Villa the club has been an absolute shambles on the pitch. His appointment of Alex McLeish shows he should have no place in the game.

We propose a protest before the game at the McGregor statue at 2.15pm next Saturday and also again after the game. People will sneer and say its a waste of time. But if you all want McLeish out as much as you say you do then surely now is the time to act.

Could they really ignore us all?

So do you agree with the protest? Will you be attending?


  1. If i could get there i would in a heartbeat.

    The people sitting there behind their keyboards saying “Ohh it wont do any good” or “hh whats it going to change hes here to stay” are going to be accountable for the clubs demise just as much as the board and the useless manager.

    Get up off your arses and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!

  2. If you want to get the board to listen then hit them where it hurts, I’n the pocket. If the crowd was only 20000 then they would notice. The reason mcliesh is I’n charge is because he is cheap and less likely to moan when given no money to spend I love the villa and this has to be the most dissuloisned I have ever felt.

  3. I am one of the minority that haven’t been to a league game this season and refuse to until the situation changes. Too many people talk about it but don’t do it. Hit them where it hurts!

  4. Adding Faulkner into the protest message just dilutes the point we’re trying to get across. Personally, I think it should just be McLeish out and that’s it. Don’t get me wrong, PF is no diamond in the rough, but the appointment of McLeish will not have been solely down to him, and let us not forget some of the off-field success he’s managed to have – massive kit deals, improved global revenue…. The problem here is not PF, more the fact there are no football-minded people on the board helping him and his cronies make these footballing decisions.

    Personally, I think the message should just be a flat ‘McLeish Out’, but that’s just my 2 cents!

  5. Grow up boys, weve had a crap season yeah but weve had crap ones before and came back stronger, fair enough if next season were still crap then yeah Im all for it but the bloke hasn’t had a chance.I remember when Brian Little took over and we only stayed up on the last day of the season, he had a full summer got rid of the players he didnt want and brought in the ones he did, and we went on and had the best season ever finishing 4th FA cup Semi finalist’s and League Cup Winners!!!!

    • You cant compare Brian Little to Alex McLeish.

      Brian Little took over a side that was ageing badly with the likes of Nigel Spinks, Dean Saunders and so on.

      He also took over towards the end of November when the club were sitting at the foot of the table.

      Alex McLeish has had a full pre-season, brought in his own players and got to know those who are currently at the club. The fact that the man still doesnt know his strongest 11 should be a concern. The fact the man says that a club like Villa shouldnt be winning at Arsenal is a disgrace and an embarressment to this football club.

  6. @upthevilla
    Mate I see your point and was once of the same opinion but you must realize that we have an excellent squad compared to the rest of the league. It’s not so much about McLeish’s style of football but about his man-management skills and his blatant inability to motivate the players. I don’t think you could say that one player has been consistent whatsoever this season except perhaps Cuellar. You also must remember that McLeish had ample opportunity to shape his squad to his liking at Birmingham City and failed miserably having been relegated twice despite having a good amount of quality in that squad. (ie. ScottDann, Ben Foster). Also please don’t make the argument it’s because he was at our arch-rivals because in the end the only blokes who truly give two shits about rivalries are hooligans. Your optimism is appreciated believe me but McLeish made little sense in August and makes absolutely no sense now.

  7. We dont have an ‘excellent squad’ though do we cbick3? I would suggest that its the contrary in fact. Our current squad needs a major overhaul,and hopefully that will be the case this summer, no matter whether its McLeish or a.n. other who leads us into the 2012-13 campaign.

    I know that its all about opinions, but the way I see it is that we currently possess a squad consisting of many experienced players now way past their sell by date, with youngsters who quite frankly aren’t up to the task, making up what is very much a below par group of players, that are only good for leading us further into decline.

  8. I don’t think we have a good squad, I think we have a load of players who honestly could care less about the Villa, I hope and pray that the likes of Dunne Warnock Collins Heskey,Ireland,Delfounso,Nzogbia,Delph all ship out in the summer and we fetch in young hungry players who see that playing for the Villa is a honour not just a paypacket

  9. Stuart
    McLeish didn’t have a full pre season mate he didnt take over till late June, it takes months of planning signings friendlies training schemes etc,I mean its March now and he’s already signed 1 player for next season.

  10. @muffin
    Alright your probably right but the point I was trying to make was we should be much higher up the table then we are at the moment. The best managers are not the ones who are tactically brilliant, but who can motivate their players and get them to give 100% week in, week out. Say what you will about Martin O’Neill, but he’s gotten an inferior (to Villa) Sunderland side playing some of the best football they have in years. Also I think you underestimate the squad a bit. We have players who are capable of so much more than they are producing at the moment; ie. Albrighton, Gabby, N’Zogbia, Warnock, Ireland, and even Alan Hutton had good years at Tottenham. I’m not saying the squad doesn’t need an overhaul. I’m saying we can work well with what we have. McLeish’s style of football (albeit dreary) can work. Just look at Stoke and most of Serie A. I’m sure he’s a nice bloke, but he’s just not right for Villa. Nothing points towards it.

  11. Decent response cbick3, and you make some fair comments.

    I agree wholeheartedly, we should indeed be in a more comfortable position by now, eighth or ninth, certainly above the likes of Sunderland, Swansea, Norwich and Everton etc, and we should certainly be playing better football than is currently on offer week in, week out. I’m also with you 100% regarding Martin O’Neill.

    We do have some decent players, Gabby, N’Zogbia, Ireland, and Gary Gardner all have the ability to make important contributions as we rebuild, so maybe upon reflection you and I aren’t too far apart with our assessment of the current scenario.

    One thing is for certain, we’ll both be happier the sooner we can put another six or seven points on the board. In fact the sooner the curtain comes down on this campaign, with us safely remaining a premier league outfit, the sooner the overhaul can hopefully begin, as McLeish or whoever aims to get this great club of ours back on track.

    Its going to be an important summer.

  12. Muffins I can’t agree with you enough that I want this season to be done with more than anything in the world. Also I have no doubt that we’ll be able to put at least 7 point on the board. Like you, know matter how it happens, I just want this club to get back on track. Up the Villa.

  13. Lets be fair , we sold out 4 games in oneils first season , we havent once this year , you know what would really grob randys attention , if all us season ticket holders chose not to renew it worked with man city 6 years ago , i magine learner comming on the first day next year for villa at home to bristol city and seeing 20,000 empty seats

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