I can take a defeat against a side like Arsenal, especially when they are playing at there top of there game, but what I find so hard to take is when we go to a side like Arsenal and don’t even have a go.

This is a side that we could of so easily beaten just a month or so ago when we found ourselves two-nil up at half time, only to roll over and throw it away in the second half.

Alex McLeish stated that a team like Villa shouldn’t expect to go to a place like Arsenal and get something. If this is the case Alex, then why the hell did you even bother taking the lads to the ground yesterday?

Why not just forfeit the game, take the 2-0 defeat and the fine that come with it?

Something else that consistently annoys me about the Scot is how he always feels the need to publicly criticise the players in the media. Once again yesterday he felt the need to single players out and pass on the blame for his tactically ineptness to his players.

Now correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the job of the manager to protect his players, and give them belief that they can go and beat anybody? Didn’t Wigan beat Liverpool yesterday because they believed they could?

Credit were it is due to Arsene Wengers team, they were a joy to watch yesterday but It never helps when the opposition don’t put up a fight.

It took the home side a little over a quarter of an hour to take the lead.

Gervinho fed full back Kieran Gibbs into the left side of the Villa area and England internationals angled drive snook under Shay Given.

Just 10 minutes later the Gooners then doubled there lead courtesy of another England international. Not to often you can mention more than one England international for Arsenal is it?

Alex Song chipped in a magnificent chipped pass into the Villa box for Theo Walcott who brought the ball down in his stride and then calmly slotted the ball into the back of the net.

The 2-0 half time score line probably flattered Villa, as on another day Arsenal could of easily been looking at a cricket score.

Arsenal did add to there lead late in stoppage time however when former Everton midfielder Mikel Arteta smashed home a fantastic free-kick to finish the game 3-0.

The pressure continues to build on Alex McLeish as his press-conferances don’t help in one little bit.

I found myself watching yesterdays game in the Litten Tree in Sutton Coldfield and after that joke of a performance from our boys I found myself talking to a fellow Villa fan.

Now this is a man I have never met before, but to hear a man from an older generation be honest any say to me ‘ I didn’t renew my season ticket because of who he (McLeish) came from, but I never anticipated the football would become so poor’

He went on to say how much it hurts to watch how little fight is in the players at the moment and I couldn’t agree more.

I have been a season ticket holder for 17 seasons now, and have been going to Villa Park for much longer, and I have never seen a side play with so little heart, so little passion.

One thing you can always say about Doug Ellis was that you knew were you stood, and he would happily hold up his hands if he had made a managerial mistake. It is just a shame that our American owner cares more about his bank account that they actual goings on at our beloved club.


  1. Sorry mate but McLeish is not a tactician & never has been..Villa (players & fans) deserve better. Gotta take into account that you were without 2 of your best players too.

  2. As an arsenal fan I haven’t seen to much of villa but what I have seen is a big step backwards!!. I really do agree with what you say, villa have got quite a decent record at the emirates and for Alex mc to say you don’t expect to get a result here is wrong! Villa should be up there fighting for 5th and 6th place, it’s a shame because of what a great fanbase you have. Do you think he will be there next season and if not who would you like?

    • I would say 99% of fans want him gone but when they announced the bosman signing last week some fear that weather we like it or not he will be here next season.

      The media consistantly state that we dont want him because he used to be manager at Small Heath – but this isnt the case – its like no1 wants to sit up and take notice of us – the fans!

  3. We never wanted him, we gave him a chance (just look at the reception he got on his first home game to prove that one) but he’s been failing ever since he arrived. He’s not good enough and never will be. How much longer does this absolute crap have to go on? We were better than this under David O’Leary for God sake!!! Sack McLeish M’Lord!!!

  4. To the two Arsenal fans above, thanks for posting those comments. We are better than this. I don’t agree that we should be fighting for 5th and 6th with this squad, but in terms of a club and who we are, top 6 should always be our aim at the very least when beginning a season. As for your question, McLeish is buying a new house in Birmingham and has already started his plans for next season, so yes, incredibly (and nobody has any idea how) it looks like Alex McLeish will be here next season. I’ve never felt so much hatred to an Aston Villa manager before.

    Randy Lerner is an idiot with money, and now, he doesn’t have as much money as he did. He’s proven this season just how out of touch with football he is. Alex McLeish? I mean come on? Why did I renew my season ticket?

    I think we’re going down next year if he lasts the full season. I pray to God that Randy comes to his senses soon, this is beyond a joke!

  5. There is a positive from all this

    For the first time in my life after 15mins I could not watch anymore (to be honest before kickoff with Heskey in the team I should have not watched from the start) anyway the positive – I got the back lawn cut and a browny point of the wife.

    Next move – go to the training ground and cofront that useless Ginger Twat.

  6. The one dimensional way that Birmingham City played when he was there tells you all you need to know. Both Norwich & Swansea have shown this season that it’s not down to spending big £’sss on players.

    • I couldnt agree more mate. IF we dont have the funds (even though I have been told money is there as long as the wage bill stays in tact) then we need a good man manager.

      Someone like MON who made average players believe they was better than they actually was. He used to bleat on in the media that Ashley Young was at Messi’s level for god sakes – and we all know he has never been half the player Messi was but the confidence it gave Ashley was there for all to see.

      Personally I would love someone like Lambert or Rodgers to come in – I dont believe or the crap that they wouldnt want to come to Villa because I personally believe that is all crap! They would jump at the opportunity IMO.

  7. For the first time in 30 years I haven’t been to villa park, sad to see our great club as it is, went to the Arsenal cup game and thought our fans were unbelievable, I live in Hertfordshire now about 30 mins from Arsenal and today my three year old said daddy can I support arsenal, breaks my heart but even a three year old can’t stand watching this crap I want to still believe, up the villa!!!

  8. Nice article. I had the pleassure of meeting Doug Ellis when Villa came down to Bristol Roves in FA Cup. Sat with him for our pre match dinner. A great footballing man, spoke with passion and pride. Sat in the freezing weather with a couple of blankets for 90 mins. I’m a Gooner through and through, Villa are a big club, under Martin O’Neil your side be and a threat again. I was shocked when Lerner didn’t back him financial for that final push.. Then to appoint AM after he’d just taken Birmingham down was shocking! I thought the chairman would push you on,but he seems like more of a hinderance! Great club hope you get back to where you belong.

  9. If Mcleish sees a little bit of belief still left in the team at half-time, he soon gets rid of it with his half-time team talk.

  10. I know that many will perceive this as fussy but please, please don’t use ‘of’ where it should be ‘have’. ‘Could of’ should not exist and really detracts from what otherwise might be an interesting blog…

  11. Hey arsenal fan here I was at the game yesterday and must say I was shocked to see the work rate. It’s not that you guys couldn’t win its just that you didn’t bother trying. I’ve seen your youth team play and must say if you give some of them, Gary gardener in particular a chance you guys will come good. I’m obviously biased against MacLeish as a manager but I feel that he fails to inspire and motivate players though in the long run with players like herd, gardener and Jordan graham you guys should become a force again it’s just a matter of time.

  12. I don’t understand why McLeish doesn’t play the kids. Villa always finish above Arsenal in the reserve league and we have some great kids coming through. Playing Emile Heskey at this stage of the season with no real threat of relegation seems like a regressive step to me!!!

  13. The sand’s of time are trickling down, Destiny awaits and when that time comes The light shall pierce through the heart of the dark and bring forth the resurrection.

  14. Arsenal fan from Poland here.

    I love my Club, but I have a great respect for your club as well. 7 FA Cups, 7 Championships and one European Cup speaks for itself.

    I think that you all deserve better and I hope that Randy Lerner will spalash some cash and bring you some quality players with a fantastic manager capable of making you a force once more.

    You deserve it.

  15. Thanks to the Arsenal fans for the positive comments. I am embarrassed with the team at the moment, even when we were riding high we were battling the popularity ranks, now we’re just a laughing stock.

    There is no belief, effort, commitment or desire – these have to come from the players BUT if it’s not forthcoming them it is the managers job to instill this into his team.

    I personally dont think the problem is all mcleish though, he keeps telling us he tells the team to attack and be dynamic, so let’s believe him then where does that leave us – the coaches, Peter grant etc. Look at the youth and reserves yet again riding high, they are second string that pass and more importantly pass and move, and I beieve would beat the 1st XI.

    Can someone send these comments onto the club? It would be good for them to see the Arsenal fans’ perspective, and show its not just us that feel this way.

    As for not liking him because if where had came from, not the case for me. To be honest if he came and did well that would make it sweeter!! But for all the good Randy Lerner has done for the club and I am still happy he’s here, I can’t excuse this appointment as all it has ever done is split the fans and caused a downturn in atmosphere and feel good which can add 5 + places to the league position, we know it, Newcastle know it etc.

  16. While getting shut of Alex McLeish would be a step in the right direction, his departure will hardly solve or repair the failings and despair that currently engulf Villa Park.

    There’s a lot more wrong at Brum B6 right now,than will ever be resolved simply by McLeish’s sacking. The problems and failings begin at the very top with Lerner himself, and filter down through to an ineffective and inexperienced (out of his depth) CEO, a lack of football savvy individuals within the boardroom, and continue down to a squad containing senior professionals now way past their best, and a collection of over-hyped and over-rated youngsters, who quite simply aren’t good enough for regular top flight football. I’m talking Albrighton, Bannan, Herd, Delfouneso, Weimann, not Gary Gardner and the other youngsters like Samir Carruthers and co who are impressively working their way through the ranks.

    Stagnation and decline is the order of the day right now, and it is a depressing state of affairs to witness.

    McLeish and his cronies have to go, but they shouldn’t be the only fall guys. Lerner and Faulkner also have a lot to answer for too.

  17. Oh I remember Samir carruthers’s good to see he’s doing well. Can’t blame him for leaving us really wouldn’t have got much of a look in though he was probably better than those in front. What are you guys playing him in the reserves? With regards to Aston villa as a club i don’t think the situation is as bad as you’re making out. It wasn’t long ago that you guys almost pipped us fourth (I’m young but that seriously wasnt good for my health!) . Your academy is already well developed and you did well in the next gen. I reckon a new manger in addition to a moderate sum of money will get you guys back on track.

  18. well thanks to the arsenal fans for cheering us up a bit
    nice comments from a great set of fans,
    but I am afraid its back to reality and we are dire,
    in 40 odd years of supporting villa I just cannot wait for this miserable season to finish and not looking that much forward next year too,
    for obvious reasons,
    the kids at the villa is the only thing that keeps us going at the minute
    but can we really rely on this shower to look after them is another thing,

  19. Truth is most of our ‘kids’ are now 22 or 23…..how many of them would get near the arsenal or chelsea first team squads? They need to be tested some more, but I have my doubts as to whether most or even all of them will follow gabby as a first team regular. Gardner and weimann apart, the whole situation is very very worrying. True we are a big club with a BIG HISTORY…..but the fulham fans who chanted ‘you’re not famous anymore’ may just have a point……and flaming mcleish won’t help one bit!!!

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