Podcast: Newcastle fallout, Everton preview & the Conference League


Join Nick and Tee as they host the latest of their Live Twitter Spaces and welcome fellow Villa fans to speak live and share their thoughts and comments.

Tonight, the lads discuss all the fallout from the defeat at Newcastle United and how the team can look to recover ahead of Everton coming to Villa Park on Sunday.

As always, multiple speakers are welcomed including a number from the Everton fanbase to not only preview the game but to also pay respects and raise awareness of the tragic death of Michael Jones who was sadly lost at the site of the future stadium at Bramley Moore Dock.

There is an anxious wait to see where we will be going for the Conference League next week and a rollercoaster of events ends up causing some confusion as to when the game will be played.

Predictions for the Everton game, Nicolo Zaniolo and Marcos Acuna all feature as well as projected lineups.

A Space by you the fans, for the fans …

As always, get involved by following and tweeting us on @AVILLAFANPOD and @avillafan and you can also send voice messages to the Anchor link below.

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