AVLPL Prediction League returns for 2023/24 season

AVillaFan.Com is proud to announce the return of the Prediction League for the 2023-24 season.

Firstly, congratulations to Craig Lewis who won the 2022/23 campaign. He recently received his prize in the post from the Villa Store.

The Prediction League will take into account the Premier League, League Cup and FA Cup. We will not be including the Uefa Conference League this season, sorry!

AVLPL 2023-24 Campaign

How do I predict?

1. Predictions can be made directly on our Twitter account. All predictions must include our hashtag #AVLPL. If they don’t, we cannot guarantee that your prediction will be picked up.

2. This year, each week we will announce the window is open on this website also. You are able to post your predictions in the comments section.

3. Predictions will not be accepted on any other social media platform (For example Facebook or Instagram).

How do the points work?

We try to keep it as simple as possible. Three points for a correct scoreline. One point for a correct result (I.E. Home win, Draw, Away win) and 0 points for an incorrect scoreline or result.

What is the prediction cut-off?

To keep it fair, the cut-off for predictions is 90 minutes prior to kick-off. This way no one can gain an advantage once a team sheet has been released.

What if I change my username?

Ideally, to keep things simple and easy we would prefer that you do not change your username throughout the competition. If you do, please let us know as soon as possible so we can update the league table.

I don’t think the league has been updated correctly.

We are human and mistakes are made. If you think a mistake has been made, please let us know and we will happily look into it for you.

I have forgotten to predict this week

Don’t worry, in the past, we have had winners who have forgotten to predict numerous times throughout the season. It doesn’t matter. One change that will take place this season is if you don’t predict for 5 games in a row, you will be removed from the League table and will have to start again if you wish to re-enter. We have taken this decision to stop the league from becoming clogged up with those who predict once or twice a season.

What do I get if I win?

The winner will get £50 to spend on the official AVFC store. They will be contacted at the end of the season.



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