Aston Villa season tickets sold out

Aston Villa have announced that the season tickets available for the 2023/24 campaign have sold out.

A large percentage of existing season ticket holders renewed despite the price hikes as the club described it as an “unprecedented uptake resulting in an extremely high renewal rate”.

A small number was available for those at the top of a waiting list which is said to be more than 30,000.

This is the fourth year in a row that Aston Villa has sold all the season tickets they make available.

Dispatch dates

Supporters should start to see their season tickets land on the door mats from the start of August.

For the first time ever, the club has announced that fans will be able to track their season tickets via a pack track functionality.

Aston Villa have also warned fans to read the accompanying letter, including updated terms and conditions, which relate to penalties for allowing friends and family or selling your tickets.

There will also be a new mobile entry opportunity for the first time ever at Villa Park this season.


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