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The Re-introduction of Project B6


Villa Park is often mentioned when opposition fans speak about top atmospheres in the Premier League. Depending on the website or group of fans you ask, Aston Villa usually ranks in the league’s top 5-6 clubs.

If you ask Villa supporters, they will have a very different opinion. More has been made about the match day experience by supporters recently than ever before, certainly in my memory.

But who is correct? Well, everyone is to an extent. On its day, Villa Park can be a very intimidating atmosphere but then there are other days when fans for whatever reason can be very quiet.

That’s where Project B6 come in. Remember them? The people behind trying to improve the match day experience for all Aston Villa fans. I spoke to Project B6 and what they hope to achieve moving forward.

Re-introducing Project B6

Project B6 has been up and running for a little while now but can you tell us who you are and what you are about for those who are unsure?

Founded in March 2017, Project B6 is initially based in the Lower North stand at Villa Park.

We aim to bring colour and vibrancy back to the stands. Whether that be flags and banners or mosaics, we hope to make Villa Park a cauldron of colour.

We are not a group. ProjectB6 is intended to be an umbrella for all fans to come under.

Project B6 has been around 6 years, what has the general response been from Aston Villa supporters?

We have a great foundation with loyal donators, supporters and those who help out in any way they can.

There’s unfortunately negativity and abuse from a few, usually regulars. We do know there are so many unaware of us. Even the name ProjectB6 won’t resonate with thousands.

And how responsive and helpful have the club been? Do they make any contributions?

We feel that we are all aligned now. The next few weeks will be huge in terms of pushing on.

Are you able to expand on that? What are the long-term aims for Project B6?

We want Villa Park to have flags every game, not because of us, but in general, making it the normal thing.

Project B6 Display

Moving away from Villa, do you take inspiration from another club, country or scene?

The inspiration has always come from Villa! Balloons, flags, banners etc. Obviously, you look at what other teams do but we want to be Villa not another version of other teams.

Moving forward, what do you need from us the fans? How do we help grow? Many will say there’s a cost of living crisis so money isn’t always an option and the club doesn’t help with increasing the matchday experience.

Calls for scarves and personal flags will be the bread and butter of what we want. Everyone can help in some way even if it’s telling their mates about (Project) B6. Sharing a tweet etc.

Can you tell me a little about the team behind Project B6? How do you find time to manage your personal life while also trying to arrange these displays?

I’m one bloke, the other guy has been away abroad for a few months now, but I’m opportunistic at work to skive here and there. Doesn’t take up that much time. The general designs are knocked up on a phone app because I can’t waste time doing something properly unless it’s gonna happen if that makes sense.

The team is basically me. But the lads at Villa On Demand have been at meetings and are a great addition.

How to support Project B6

Project B6 can be found on all social media platforms so be sure to give them a follow.

You can also donate to the next display on their crowdfunding page.

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