I am not sure about most of you, but I am a very superstitious man when it comes to my beloved Aston Villa, from wearing certain underwear and socks to things I have blamed my wife for.

This week I decided that I would try and stay off my own website, not write any mid-week articles or a match preview in the hope that we would get a much needed win, that we so badly need but sadly that didn’t work.

There have been many rumours since the final whistle last night, with reports that Alex McLeish had resigned, from new owners – you know how it is, but right now all the matters is the here and now – and we currently sit way to close to the relegation zone for comfort.

The away side dominated the opening half of the fixture at Ewood Park and were deservedly in the lead at the break thanks to our £10million winger, Charles N’Zogbia.

Carlos Cuellar picked up the ball on the half way line, and managed somehow to get past 3-4 Rovers players before finding the French man in the Blackburn area who then slammed a shot past former England goalkeeper Paul Robinson.

Villa continued to make chances and could of so easily had the game wrapped up at half time, but in typical Alex McLeish fashion – we come out in the second half and tried to defend a 1-0 lead against a very desperate Blackburn side.

And credit to the home side, they took the game to us in the second half and just five minutes from time they managed to secure a share of the points courtesy of former Birmingham midfielder David Dunn.

Bradley Orr floated a cross into the Villa box, and a unmarked David Dunn headed home past Shay Given.

The pressure continues to grow on our manager as the ‘McLeish Out Brigade’ are starting to gather numbers, and rightly so. As I stated last weekend, I was one of those who was willing to give the Scot a chance, but last weekends result and performance against Wigan was enough for me. Yesterday was just rubbing salt into the wound.

McLeish actually stated in a interview after the game that he didn’t tell the players to defend there lead in the second half – and for a split second I felt maybe he had a point until I heard John Carew on Goals on Sunday this morning.

The former Villa man said that Martin O’Neill was one of the best managers/coaches he had ever worked under purely because he made the players believe in themselves. And that’s were the problem lies – No Villa player is playing with confidence and believe that they can take on anybody.

Under O’Neill we never had the best team in the world, and man for man there was plenty of sides who probably had better sides on paper. But we believed we could beat anybody and that stemmed right through the players to the fans.

When was the last time you as a Villa fan felt really confident that you could beat even the poorest of Premiership sides? And if you cant feel that way then I doubt the players are.

So regardless of weather McLeish is telling players to do this, or do that – he hasn’t exactly got them believing in themselves has he? After all how many good managers do you know who openly put there players down in the press?


  1. I thought McDuff would have started with Heskey, anyway after 60 mins Gabby is for want of a better word Shit and bringing Heskey on would have give back that bit of muscle we needed up front. In other words the prat will play Heskey on the wing but not in his proper position, tatically when the game turns he is clueless. I can’t beleive we are only showing 2 points return from playing that crap in the last two matches We are Aston Villa pride of the midlands and must NEVER be shown in the same light as the shit down the road but at present course this man is sure well on his way to achieving it.

  2. I said at the start of the season it felt like 86-87 all again, Billy McNeil re-visited, if randy had any love for the villa then he would do what chelsea have done today!! We need a direction and passion and Mcleish is not fit to manage the villa, all villa fans need to unite and tell the board at the Fulham game what we think, now is the moment for all villa fans to stand up for what is right for our club, stand up if you love villa!!!

  3. I’m not sure under Mcleish we could beat even the poorest of Champioship sides. When Blackburn brought on 2 subs and changed tactics Mcleish had no answer, but then he has no answer to anything. It’s the overwhelming lack of hope that’s spreading throughout the club that is so shocking. Mcleish is the perfect example of a man promoted beyond his ability. While he stays at the club he is doing damage on a daily basis.

  4. I thought we looked pucka in the first half, we coulda put at least another 2 in and made it 3 zip at the half. I had a feeling we would come out bad in the 2nd though. Typical of late, just not playing with any real determination! Definitely need to get rid of Mcleish… Capello anyone? hahaha


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